Summer of Silver Lake
A Tag Game Part 1
Silver Lake
The Rules:
1. Every person writes one chapter of the book
2. Use the longform book style
3. At the end of your chapter, tag someone else to write the next chapter
4. Only tag people who haven’t written in this book yet
5. Please title your section “Summer of Silver Lake,” followed by the part # yours is
6. You may change the cover picture, but only use the art of littlepinkpebble
7. Be creative, and have fun! =D
I stared out the window of the truck as the beautiful landscape whizzed by. It was stunning. Mountains surrounded us and the valley below them was filled with trees, burned at the bottom from a huge forest fire that happened years ago, but still alive and growing at the top. Some would find them ugly, but I thought they looked like a symbol of hope and triumph. The bark of the trees were white, something I had never seen on any tree. I loved them. Small lakes peeped out from below the trees, shimmering pretty blue water. I turned to the front of the truck.
“Dad, how much longer?” I asked. He smiled.
“We’re here.”
I was so happy! We got to stay here all summer? Wow. We turned right by a huge log sign that said “Minute Lake Campground.” It was a bit tricky with the huge trailer we were lugging behind us, but dad was really good with driving them. We drove aimlessly for a bit, until a forest ranger with unnecessarily long pink fingernails directed us to Campsite 9, which was two lefts and a right. We followed her directions and came to a small hill with a picnic table with the number nine on it. Dad pulled up next to it and stopped.
“This must be it.” he said. Mom got out of the truck and flipped the seat forward so my three siblings and I could get out. My ten year old sister, Nubzy came out first. Her real name was Abby, but I started calling her Nubzy to annoy her about three years ago. Now, for some reason, it’s grown on her and she likes it better than her real name. Sisters.
I came out next. It felt so amazing to stretch my legs. Being crammed in the back of a truck for five hours with three other people was not very fun. Next was Abby’s twin brother, Greg, who bolted off as soon as he hit the ground. He loved motorcycles and cars and anything loud and fast. Like him, really. Last was my little brother Clark. He’s only two, so I had to help him out.
“Vroom vroom!” he said, pointing to the truck. Clark calls anything with wheels a vroom vroom. I think it’s cute, but Greg gets annoyed that he’s not calling the truck a Chevrolet or whatever.
“Yes, Clark, vroom vroom.” I said. While mom helped dad back the trailer into the campsite, Abby and I decided to explore. We walked up a small hill from the road to Campsite 9. On one side was the hill, and on two other sides it was surrounded by the burned trees. On the last side was Minute Lake.
“Wow,” I said, “Hey, Nubzy, let’s look down there.” We walked over to the lake. A small ledge of boulders lined the edge, so we climbed down them. Minute Lake was beautiful. It sparkled in the sun, and a huge mountain rose on the other side of it. Abby dipped her hand in.
“Kena, it’s cold!” she squealed. I put my hand in too. She was right. We sat staring at the lake for a wile, until Greg charged down the rocks.
“Hey guys!” he hollered. He sat down next to us,.
“Hi Greg.”
“Wanna explore the forest?” he asked. That would be so fun! There was a huge forest across the road, the one we had seen earlier while driving that I had fallen in love with.
“Sure! Let’s go.”
After getting permission from Mom and Dad, Greg, Abby, and I headed into the forest. It was even more beautiful once I was inside. From way out above the forest, in the mountains where I’d seen it from the road, you couldn’t see all of the purple flowers, ferns, mushrooms, chipmunks, and birds. I officially loved Minute Lake. We wandered forward through the woods, marveling at pretty much everything. Except for Greg, who was sprinting up ahead, leaping over logs, then running back to us like a crazed deer. Everything we found was amazing, but our next discovery blew me away.
Right in front of us, there was a lake.
It was small enough that I could see across it. Birds flew around it and landed on logs sticking out of its crystal waters. Fish leaped out of it joyfully and ducks quacked loudly as they swam, creating small ripples in the water. I was enchanted.
“Whoa.” I breathed.
“What should we name it?” Abby asked quietly. Greg began to run around the lake, but he got tired about halfway.
“Oooooh! I know!” Abby exclaimed, “how about Lake Silver?” I loved the name. The lake looked silver the way the sun was shining on it, and the tree’s bark shone silver here too.
“I love it.” I smiled.
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