Sunnybrook Farms
The Chapter in Which I Move and am Totally Surprised
That summer, I found my BFFL (Best Friend For Life). When I met Bes- well, I’m getting ahead of myself. To really enjoy my tale, you have to hear the whole thing, from beginning to end. Here it is.
The long, winding, dirt road never seemed to end. “Continue on Finch Drive for 41 miles,” the GPS had told us. We had all gasped when we heard it, but none of us were expecting the extent of those long, unchanging fields and pastures. Finally, however, we came to the last pasture, and to a wooden arch over a winding driveway. “Here we are!” my dad exclaimed. Arching our necks to see the peak of the towering sign, we read: Sunnybrook Farms. How original, I thought. Our new home had the same name as the birthplace of a fictional character. As if moving away from all my friends and the apartment I had lived in all my life wasn’t enough to ruin my summer. Suddenly, the car lurched to a stop. We gasped. We stared. “Whoa!” I exclaimed. The house was nothing like we had expected. The cute, one level country house that everyone but my dad had looked forward to was really a three-story, plantation-style estate with towering marble columns surrounding the intricately carved front door. Or, should I say doors. The two french-style doors extended from the many stone steps to the ceiling, which seemed a mile above our heads. Climbing out of the car, Mom and I didn’t even stop to stretch our legs. “Do you like it?” Dad asked as we gazed in awe at the mansion that stood before us. “You- you- you rascal!” my mom shouted back as she and I ran up the marble steps. The view from the front porch was AMAZING! From where we stood, we could see the entire front yard, which consisted of a luscious green lawn and multiple flowerbeds, full of every kind of flower that you could imagine. And the smell! The mixed scent of lilies, daffodils, petunias, gardenias, and most of all, roses, wafted up to us. It was like we were in heaven!
Now it was time to go inside. Mom raised her hand to pull open the enormous doors, but before her hand reached the handle, a young lady dressed in a crisp black dress and white apron and cap opened it for us. “A MAID? Gerald, what were you thinking?” Mom shrieked. Stunned for a minute, Dad processed what he had just heard. “Do you not like it?” he uncertainly asked. Mom replied that she loved it, but... “How can we afford all this?” she asked. Laughing, Dad told her that all would be explained later, and to finish exploring the house and grounds. Grounds. I am still getting used to that word.
Anyway, we stepped inside and were greeted by our butler, who showed us around. My first instinct was to look up, and I was rewarded. The chandelier was like nothing I had ever seen! It was holding at least thirty candles, and cast a romantic glow on the whole foyer. The furnishings of the foyer had a nice plantation-y style to them, not too fancy but not as boring, if I can say that, as the ones we had at home. Though half of me just wanted to stay there and enjoy the view of the promising upstairs balcony and the EPIC chandelier, I knew that if I did, I would never get to see the rest of the house, so I continued on with Mom and Dad.
Next was the dining room. A nine-foot dining table stood in the center of the room, covered in a set of dishes, silverware, and a delicately carved Lazy Susan. There was a little bell at the head of the table, which I supposed was used to call the maid. Luckily, Dad said he didn’t go to the extravagance to get a cook, so we were still able to make our own meals. The gently flowing curtains were not velvet, but a light plaid flannel that added a nice country look to the room. As it was already four thirty, dinner would be served soon, so we hurried away to finish the tour. The living room was our destination. As soon as we got there, I plopped down on a heavenly-soft upholstered couch, and if not for the rest of the tour and dinner, I would have stayed there. The room was the style most commonly known as a great room, as the ceiling soared to a height of two stories. The white and cream-stoned fireplace reached about two-thirds of that distance, and above it was a beautiful canvas depicting the front of the property. There was another couch just like the one I was on sitting perpendicularly to mine (I claimed it as soon as I saw it), as well as a recliner and coffee table. The curtains on the floor-to-ceiling windows were the same as the ones in the dining room, and while flood lights provided extra surround-light (is that even a thing?), a light fixture similar to the one in the foyer lit the room. We had decided to just start all over, so we didn’t bring any furniture from the apartment. All of this was brand-new. And the floors! The entire downstairs level, with the exception of the master suite (I will get to that in a minute), were floored with hardwoods the same dark color as the dining room table. However, the majority of the living room floor (with the exception of the area where the grand piano stood) was covered in a thick, soft, cream colored area rug. I rolled off of the couch and just lay there on the carpet. “Can I sleep here?” I jokingly asked my parents. “Of course not,” they replied. “Come on, let’s finish the tour.” As we got to the kitchen, Mom gasped. “Wow!” she said. It was the biggest kitchen any of us had ever seen. There was a huge double oven, a microwave that was under the counter, and an enormous dishwasher. A walk-in pantry greeted us on our right, while a very wide fridge flanked our left side. The cabinetry was exquisite, too. The cherry-colored wood perfectly matched the floor and dining table, while the seven-seater bar was perfect for informal eating.
Continuing to the master suite, we found the same lush carpet that made up the living room rug and upstairs flooring. There was a walk-in closet as big as the our old master suite itself, and the bed was a beautifully carved king-sized sleigh bed, flanked on either side by side tables of the same cherry-colored wood as the bed and dresser. Oh, the dresser. It was at least ten feet long, and the drawers were very deep. “With all this, we probably won’t need the closet,” joked Mom. “Oh, you will too.” replied Dad, “And hurry up. We haven’t even seen the bathroom yet!”
The tub was enormous. It had jacuzzis on all four sides, and built in soap holders on the front and back. The shower was big enough for three people to turn around in comfortably, and the double vanity was made of the cherry wood, too. There was a whole separate room for the toilet, which had its own small pedestal vanity.
Author’s Note:
Whew! That’s a lot of description! Sorry it’s kind of boring right now, but I just want to get the picture into your heads of what the Hodges (that’s their last name) exquisite new house looks like. I will finish describing it and begin the adventure for real in the next chapter. Just don’t give out on me! It WILL get better, I promise.

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