What will win? His charm or her hatred
Super Love
Hunter Kramer
My life has been pretty easy. I’m rich, popular and handsome. Don’t wanna brag, but I’m also famous. My music has been on the top charts. Girls throw themselves at me. Life couldn’t be better. Right now my mom said I have to take a break from my carrier. Apparently she wants me to go to school and live a normal life. I couldn’t care less what happens. High school means I get to meet some cute girl fans.
“Hunter the limo is here!” my mom yelled.
“Yeah, I’ll be right there!” I yelled back.
I got in the car. The high school I was going to was an elite. Top ten in the world. Most of the students are rich, very very rich. It was strange for a normal person to get in. You’d have to have extremely good graded and a perfect record, no
“OMG! It’s Hunter Kramer!” A girl yelled as I got out of the limo. I know I’m awesome. So awesome that I get surrounded by girls.
“I love you Hunter!” another one yelled.
“What class are you in?” the girls kept asking.
“Girls, please treat me like a normal student here,” I lied.
Oh god no! Treat me like a king
That swarm followed me in the class. Sadly the teachers told them to go to class.
Teachers suck!
Inside there was girls still swarming me except one. She had her headphones on.
Maybe she hasn’t seen me yet
When she finally looked my way I expected a big reaction, but instead she rolled her eyes at me.
“Students take your seats,”
That one is different. Hmm, I need to look into her
After what seemed to be decades of class it was finally time for lunch. My initial plan was to hang out with some very cute girl fans. I changed my mind because of that weird girl.
No one will ignore me
I asked many girls where she would be, but none knew. This started to irritate me.
How could one girl be so hard to find?
“If you’re looking for someone I can help you” I heard.
As I turned around I saw a small blond haired girl. She could be the definition of cute.
“Yes! I need to find a girl with brown hair and white headphones.”
“Of course, the famous girl who got in through a scholarship. Her name is Nora and you can find her in the rose garden,”
“Thank you and your name—
We waved goodbye and walked in separate ways. I’m way too happy. After all I met a cute girl and I’m planning on making her a girlfriend.
When I walked into the rose garden. There I saw the girl I was looking for. headphones in all. I walked up to her and tapped her shoulder.
“Can I help you?” she said completely calm. Most girls would start screaming.
“Ah yes! I thought we could be friends.” I lied.
The truth is that I only want to get your attention
“No reason...”
“Is it because you want my attention?” she said.
“You want me to notice you. Hunter Kramer was ignored by one girl and now he’s making sure that she freaks out about him. Am I right?”
“I am right.”
“Okay you got me!”
“I’ll never go crazy about you. I hate people like you,”
“Yeah right. One day you’ll drop at my feet!”
Crap! My other side came out
I will and my charm will get to you. You’ll fall in love with me and I’ll shatter your heart

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