Super powers.
Ice wars.
Snowing in July.
One hot summer day Hannah was out for a flight with her new wings.... When it started snowing. Hannah stopped in midair to hover in the clouds. Snow? In July? Hannah thought to herself.
Oh no! Poppy! Hannah shouted. She dived for Poppy who was bathing in the sun below. Hannah grabbed her and flew her in the house. Hey! What gives? Poppy asked. Look! Hannah said catching her breath. She had never flown so fast. Poppy looked outside at the freshly falling snow. Snow? In July? Poppy asked Hannah. That’s what I thought! Hannah said. Follow me! Poppy said. Hannah followed Poppy to the hallway. It’s just my hallway. What’s special about that? Hannah asked. Poppy touched a button Hannah had never seen before. A door appeared in the wall that Hannah had never seen before. Poppy walked in the door. Hannah followed. They walked down some stairs to another door which Poppy just walked through. They entered a big room with books all over the walls. Poppy ran and looked at book titles. Hannah found a book that’s title read,”The Ice Wars” Hannah took it off the shelf and sat down in a nearby armchair. Poppy come check this out. Poppy came over a sat down. What is it? Poppy asked. It’s The Ice Wars book. Hannah explained.

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Chapter 2

The Ice Wars history.

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