Super powers.
The secret tombs.
Hannah was reading about temples. Temples in Egypt are in pyramids . Hannah read.
Hannah closed her book and yawned. She got up stretched her wings and went to bed.
The next day Hannah woke up earlier than anyone else. She sneaked down stairs to make a prank for her sister. She used her new ice powers to make a bucket and filled it with snow. She opened her sister’s bedroom door slightly and put the prank on the door so it was balanced evenly. Here is how her prank will work. When her sister opens her door she will have the bucket of snow fall on her head. (I have no idea where I heard of this prank.) Hannah went into the kitchen to write something. She took some paper and a pen and started writing. She doodled a picture that started looking like a real illustration. She drew her horse Starlight which she got to keep from the war she fought in. She climbed through the closed window to pick some carrots from the garden. She picked three carrots and headed to the shed she built herself. It was sturdy. It had what her horse needed. It worked. She went over to see her horse Starlight. The beautiful horse was black with white spots around the back and legs. The horse bucked up and down in joy at the sight of Hannah. She fed the horse the three carrots and mounted. She grabbed hold of the reins and head off to the cities horse trail. The horse walked to the trail and started running down it. When the trail ended Hannah rode back to her house and put Starlight in her stable. She locked the stable door and climbed in through her bedroom window. (on the third floor)

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