Surviving in the Lost Forest
On June 24, Agatha Marie was born. Hundreds of people came for her birth. Why? Because her parents were the King and Queen. Many people brought gifts. One of those people was a fairy.
The King and Queen smiled happily. They probably hoped that she would be granted protection, or beauty, or a handsome prince, etc. Sadly, when the fairy spoke, she said, “Ah, my princess, you will be a great warrior. You will find the one who has been lost. You will roam the lands with three others. Here is a dog for you.” And with that, she disappeared, leaving behind a weaselish looking creature, which barked happily.
The King and Queen were devastated. They had lost a son to the clutches of the evil forest, and now their daughter, their princess, was prophesied to have the same happen. They banished the girl to her room, deciding then and there never to let her out. Their princess would be kept safe at all costs, even if it meant she would never come outside.
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