~a plane crash~ ~A Island~ ~An test of ultimate SURVIVAL~
Survivor’s Sand
Airplane B- Lila Age 12
Take off is beginning right now. The attendees will be around to close any dinner plates and to assure safety for all passengers. Thank you, we’ll be having a great flight.
The intercom crackled. Okay seriously? My ears felt like they were about to fall off.
I lurched forward in my seat, my sweaty fingers grabbing the seat. They slipped off as I took a quick glance outside the window.
The sky was a calm blue with just a few clouds.
I turned back, trying to control my breathing. My phone buzzed five times but I was to scared to move.
What if I did something to the airplane?
An attendee tapped my shoulder and I’m pretty sure I jumped a mile high.
‘’Your the girl traveling alone correct?’’ she asked smiling.
I nodded.
‘’I’m Missy, I’ll be taking care of you,’’ she explained.
‘’I’m Lila,’’ I managed to squeak out.
She let go of my hand and smiled again. ‘’Scared of planes?’’ she guessed showing off her perfectly white teeth.
‘’Yeah pretty scared. ‘’Terrified’’ I let out a spurt of laughter.
‘’Well this plane is the best of the best. Nothing will happen,’’ she patted my shoulder and went over to another person.
I pulled out my phone tapping on the messages.
Mom: Hi honey are u on the plane?
Yeah, we just took off
I shut my phone off and took a shaky breath. This wasn’t to bad. Missy came back, looking a little pale.
‘’What’s the matter?’’ I asked my phone buzzing again.
‘’Seems like their’s a little problem with the engine,’’ she explained.
My heart skipped a beat.
‘’Maybe you could land,’’ I suggested my voice high.
‘’We can’t. We’re over the ocean.’’ Missy sighed. I stared out the window and gulped.
‘’Just relax though the Captain is fine,’’ she assured.
I nodded and shut my eyes. Soon I was fast asleep listening to the soft hum of people talking.
‘’WAKE UP!’’ I heard somebody scream.
I jolted awake, my heart pounding a million times per second.
‘’What’s going on?’’ I yelled.
A guy with yellow hair in front of me turned around and yelled something.
‘’What?’’ I screamed back.
That’s when I realized the plane was falling. I grabbed my phone and tapped on Mom’s icon.
‘’Mom help it’s crashing!’’ I cried into it.
Her voice was scratchy.
‘’I can’t understand you!!’’ I replied. Tears blurred my vision as it got harder to breathe.
I stared out the window, watching the ocean get closer and closer.
‘’Get the life jackets!’’ yellow man screamed.
‘’Where are they?’’ I shouted back.
‘’Under y-your seat!’’ he shouted.
I bent over, my fingers shaking so bad I couldn’t even pick up the jacket.
I put it on, trying not to cry. I spotted Missy putting a jacket on and then buckled her self in the seat.
Suddenly there was a huge bang and my head snapped backward.
I screamed, as something cold rushed against me.
Water. We were sinking. I thrashed around in my seat, tears mixing in with the water.
I reached for the buckle and clicked it, releasing my self into the plane.
I crashed into something. Pain seared up my side like spreading wildfire.
And then I was floating. Floating and floating...

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Airplane B- Chad Age 11

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