~a plane crash~ ~A Island~ ~An test of ultimate SURVIVAL~
Survivor’s Sand
Airplane B- Chad Age 11
Somebody kept knocking on the door.
Couldn’t they just leave me alone for a little bit?
‘’I’m trying to go to the bathroom!’’ I shouted to them. They kept knocking and now it was more and more.
‘’What is it?’’ I hissed.
‘’Crashing...’’ I heard.
Their voice was low and sounded pretty serious. I rolled my eyes and finished up. I unlocked the door and stepped into the plane.
Everybody was screaming and soon I was to.
The plane was nose diving toward the water and objects were flying around everywhere.
A suitcase smacked me in the face and I flew onto the ground.
‘’Get a jacket!’’ I heard somebody say to me.
‘’Why? It’s not winter!’’ I yelled back gripping onto a seat.
‘’Don’t be a smarty, I mean a life jacket!’’ they screamed.
That made a lot more sense. I reached under a seat and pulled out a orange one. I slipped it on and tried to stand up.
Something popped and a bunch of wind blew me down. My eyes were blurry and soon I couldn’t even seen. I coughed and rolled onto my side.
‘’Get in a seat son!’’ It was the same knocking voice.
‘’I’m trying!’’ I answered my voice swept away by the screams.
Then just like that, water swept around the plane. It was like a huge tusniami and it was coming right for me.
I adjusted my life jacket and shut my eyes bracing for the collision.
When it did hit me, I couldn’t breathe.
Obviously because it was water, but it was like nothing I ever felt. I gasped then shut my mouth as a bunch of salt water went up my nose.
I held out my hands and tried to go up but all I saw was white.
The top of the plane I realized.
I was stuck. I had to get out! I grabbed a seat and pulled myself down, my lungs aching.
I kicked the window with my leg but it didn’t even break. Somebody touched my leg and I whipped my head around. It was a girl probably around 12.
But she wasn’t awake, her eyes were rolled up to her head.
Should I save her?
I grabbed her body and pulled her with me. Blackness edged my way into my eyes.
I only..had..so much time. I kicked it one more time watching it begin to open.
Come on!
It cracked and shards of glass blew at me. I waved at the pieces and squeezed through. I made sure I had a good grasp on the girl.
She would owe me a big thank you when she woke up.
If she woke up.
I kicked my way to the surface, everything aching.
I popped up to the surface and took in deep breaths of fresh air.
‘’I’M ALIVE!’’ I cheered and looked around. Wait a second..My heart dropped.
I was alone. In the middle of the ocean.

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