Sushi & Cats Cafe
“Marissa, order up!” Marissa Wong rushed over to the counter. She was met by an enormous man staring down crossly at her.
“Sorry about the wait, sir,” she puffed. “What can I get you today?”
“I’d like two egg rolls and a coffee, extra creamer,” the man said gruffly.
“Coming right up!” said Marissa.
Marissa’s family owned a small cafe in the downtown area of her city. It was called the Sushi & Cats Cafe because they served coffee and sushi and the place was filled with cats her family had adopted from the local animal shelter.
Marissa took people’s orders. Then she went back into the kitchen and told her oldest sister Lainey and her mom what they wanted. Her mom and sister would cook the food and her other sister Amelia would serve it to the customers.
At about 5:30, when the cafe was empty and they were about to close, Marissa sat down in a booth and cuddled her favorite cat, Fishbreath. Fishbreath was soft and fluffy and purred whenever you pet him.
“Marissa! Time to go!” Marissa kissed Fishbreath goodbye and headed towards the door. Her mom flipped over the hanging sign so it said Closed. Marissa walked out the door and shut it firmly.

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