Sweet Sixteen
Only A Week to Daisy’s Birthday
Daisy is very excited about her sweet sixteen because all of her friends are going to be there even her cat (Called Bella.) Her mum (Grace) wants to get everything ready, last year Daisy’s birthday was ruined because her dad went to the army and left Daisy and her Mum. But Daisy wants her sweet sixteen to last forever. Daisy hopes this will be the best. Daisy and her BFF Paper are looking for some dresses that they could wear, they were chatting all the way through the shops.
Paper was pulling Daisy so they can do this shopping very quickly. They were in fact talking about her fame she was the number one best female popstar like addle. She has been on tour ever since she won the X factor. All of the people who were at the shops were taking her autograph . Actually even Daisy wanted to be quick because she is meeting Rita auro or Fleur East she does not know yet. The reason why is because one of them want to wish her a birthday but paper said “Why don’t they both send you a massage on facebook.
While Daisy was on her own she made a youtube video about magic she is a youtuber just like Zoella. There was only one thing that Daisy did not want to happen that her worst enemy ROSIE comes!!

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