Which is sweeter? love? [or] candy?
Sweeter Than Candy
Down Hill Middle School
I lived in Paris before moving to Georgia. Now I go to Down Hill Middle School. It’s the first day of school. Back in Paris people told me there are no bully’s in Down Hill Middle School. But, Who can I trust? Guess I’ll find out if there are bully’s the hard way. The hard way was to see if I got bullied. I doubt I’ll get bullied because I was popular at my old school.
A yellow vehicle caught my eye. It was the bus. The bus pulled around the corner and screeched to a stop. My house was a light pink. All lawns were neatly mowed. Then the bus driver yelled. “Come on!” The doors slid open. I got on and sat down. We stopped at a pretty navy blue house. The girl ran toward the bus. She had long blond hair and brown eyes. She sat next to me.
“Hello.” I smiled. “Hi.” She looked over at me. “What’s your name?” I asked. “My name is Cece.” “That’s a unique name.” “Thanks.” “My name is-“ I stammered. “I’m Cassidy.” “Nice to meet you Cassidy.” “Nice to meet you too Cece.”
The bus came to a turn by a sign that said “Down Hill Middle School” and an arrow pointing to the left. The bus stopped. The school was just wow! It was a bricked light orange. There were tulips by the school’s entrance. I walked inside. Something caught my eye it was hard stuff in a bowl
I sat down in the cafeteria and drew a picture of Cece.
Cece walked over and saw the drawing. “Who is that?” “I drew you.” “Wow! That looks awesome!” “Thanks.” “You can be a popular kid.” I looked at her with the sweetest eyes. “Sure!” Cece walked to class and I followed.
“Oh and Cece?” “Yeah?” “What’s that stuff in the bowl over there?” She looked at me like I was crazy. “Um...That’s candy.” I realized I have never had candy. “I haven’t had candy before.” “You haven’t?!” “Nope.” “Where did you move from?” “I moved from Paris.” “That’s why you don’t know what candy is.” “Oh okay.” “Want to try some though Cassidy?” “Sure.”
Cece handed me a piece of candy. I unwrapped it and popped it in my mouth. “This is so yummy!” “Yeah I know right.” She grabbed a piece of candy from the bowl and popped it in her mouth. I grabbed a whole bunch of candy and shoved them in my pocket.
I walked to class and while the teacher wasn’t looking I shoved 2 pieces of candy in my mouth. “Alright, now class who would like to answer 12 x 4?” “How about you Cassidy.” I came up to the front of the class and wrote on the smart board.
12 x 4 = 48 “Correct.” I sat back down hoping I didn’t have to talk. I chewed and crunched the 2 pieces of candy as fast as I could. Just in case Ms. Hoffman told me to explain how I got the answer.
“Now Cassidy explain how you got the answer.” “Well, I just did it in my head.” “Very good. That means you know your multiplication.”
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