How long can you last lying to Those you say you love?
Swimming In Lies
Note Passing
The night was perfect: the water, the air, the stillness. And as I stared into his eyes, I finally felt it. I finally understood. He wasn’t the one. He wasn’t my future. Adam was. But how do you tell your boyfriend you’re in love with his brother?
I’m Amelia Waters, and this is the story of how I managed to lie to my boyfriend and his brother.
For three years.
I first met Ryan in History class. We were so bored; all the teacher did was talk about things that happened like a million years ago. Ugh, why do we even need to know this? It isn’t like my job application is going to ask, “what were the names of Christopher Columbus’s boats?” Guess what schooling system, nobody needs to know, and nobody really cares.
So while I was silently and hopefully discreetly jamming to some music, (put your earbuds in your jacket sleeve, and hold it up to your ear, but look like you’re leaning on your arm, it works like a charm. Actually, don’t do that. Stay in school, actually learn, you know, that stuff.) a little folded up piece of paper landed on my desk. It read:
“You bored? Me too.
From, Ryan.
In the seat behind you.
Don’t. Turn. Around.
I smirked down at the paper. I wrote back:
“Totally bored. Listening to music, but bored. Wanna chat?
From, Amelia.
In the seat in front of you.
Don’t. Turn. Around.
Wait, why would you do that? You’re behind me. Whatever, just don’t do it. You’ll look weird.”
While the teacher wasn’t looking, I pretended to stretch while I dropped the paper on Ryan’s desk.
I chewed my gum while I waited for him to reply (seriously kids, don’t do anything I’m doing in class. It will get you in trouble. I am not a good example). Ugh, how did people stand writing letters? Like, you had to wait two days just to get a reply? How? How did they do it? I would’ve gone insane.
Finally, the note was back on my desk. I unfolded it. It read:
“Ha. I turned around just to annoy you. The kid looked at me weird, but oh well.
What music are you listening to?
From, Ryan.
In the seat behind you.
Don’t. Turn. Around.
I soon realized that “Don’t Turn Around” would become our “thing.”
I quickly replied:
“I’m listening to Fall Out Boy. Ever heard of them?
From, Amelia.
In the seat in front of you.
Don’t. Turn. Around.
Seriously, don’t this time.”
I wasn’t as skilled at sneakily slipping the note to Ryan this time. I went to go stretch, and the paper dropped too far from Ryan’s desk. It floated down to the space in between us. However, like I promised Ryan, I didn’t turn around. “Ms. Waters, what was that?” The teacher asked suspiciously. “Oh, Ryan just dropped his history notes.” I lied. She eyed me. “That seemed to float awfully high if it just fell.”
“He tried to catch it, but it just floated away. The air created from his hands waving caused the paper to fly higher. That is how physics work, right?” I seemed to have convinced her, but she still asked questions. “Then why did I see your hands in the air?” I had to hold back a smirk. “You didn’t. You saw Ryan’s hands trying to catch the paper.”
I had convinced her to believe me. She didn’t even ask Ryan if that was true. She just continued class.
As we were walking out of History, Ryan stopped me. “Hey, thanks for that cover story. She totally believed you.” He said, beaming. His smile was captivating.
I smiled in return. “Oh, no problem. We wouldn’t want to get in trouble by mean old Ms. Hallie, now would we?” I replied, mocking our cranky History teacher. He laughed. When he laughed, his eyes twinkled. “Hey, you’re pretty cool. Wanna hang out sometime?” He asked.
I think my heart melted.
But I kept my noticeable cool. “Sure. When?” I replied calmly. Inside I was totally freaking out. I mean, Ryan was cute.
Like, really cute.
Cuter than the members of 5 Seconds of Summer and a baby panda combined cute.
“Is Saturday okay?” He asked, handing me his address and phone number. “Totally.” I replied, taking the paper.
“Cool.” He said, hugging me.
He hugged me before the first date.
Wow, this guy did not waste time.
“Cool.” I replied, secretly dying on the inside. “Hey,” he said before walking away, “Don’t turn around.”
I smiled. “Don’t turn around.”
That was the day I met my boyfriend.
That was also the day I discovered that I was a fantastic liar.
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