How long can you last lying to Those you say you love?
Swimming In Lies
Lies Lie in Comfort
My mom slowly walked into my room. “Is something wrong, Amelia? I heard a lot of noise.” I rolled my eyes. Wow, great timing, Mom.
“Ryan just came to visit, that’s all.” I said. It wasn’t the whole truth, but it was the truth. “Oh, he did? I wish I had seen him. Ryan is such a sweetheart.” She sighed.
My eyes widened. Of course she thought Ryan was a sweetheart. She didn’t know that he was a maniac that was obsessed with me and would go to any length to keep me from any other human being. But I knew if I told her the truth she wouldn’t believe me. This was a problem that would stay between Adam and I. I nearly choked at the thought of Adam.
“Mom, I don’t really think I like Ryan.” She seemed shocked that I would say that. “Why not, honey?” She asked.
I sighed, trying to get her to feel pity for me. “It’s just that he makes me uncomfortable.” I said.
That was somewhat true. Ryan did make me uncomfortable. Painstakingly uncomfortable. Terrifyingly uncomfortable.
“Why is that?” My mother asked, looking hurt. Was she upset that I didn’t like Ryan, the me-obsessed psychopath? Wow, okay, Mom.
“I don’t know. He just always wants to spend time with me. I never get to see any of my other friends because I always with him.” I complained.
My mom chuckled. Like, actually laughed at what I said. This was a serious topic!
“Amelia, hon, he just probably wants to get to know you better. As soon as you guys are as close as two peas in a pod, he’ll start to leave you alone more. You two have only just started dating, you hardly know each other. Just give him some time.” And with that, she kissed me on the forehead, and left my room.
I sat there with my jaw nearly on the ground. She wants me to give Ryan some time? She actually wants me to let him get to know me better?
I nearly laughed at the thought. Ryan already knows every detail about me, her, my sister, and my friends. There’s no more for him to learn.
I however, know enough about Ryan. He’s a crazed psychopath.
That I need to get rid of.
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