How long can you last lying to Those you say you love?
Swimming In Lies
Ryan’s POV
I felt a wave of anger rise through me as I watched Charlie’s helicopter take away my beloved Amelia. Didn’t he understand that she was mine, and we were in love?
I had already told my henchmen to follow Charlie’s helicopter, but I knew he had a cloaking device that took him off the radar. I still hadn’t figured out how to override that, so we were stuck just following him as closely as we could.
I was highly offended that Amelia tried to escape me. Even though I was admittedly proud that she was smart enough to figure out I couldn’t swim, I still felt a hole in my heart where Amelia was.
Sometimes I felt like I scared her, but then I see the way she looks at me, and I know that she does care for me. In her own way, of course.
Adam once tried to tell me that I was a psychopath and that I needed to let Amelia go because she doesn’t love me, but I knew he was wrong. I knew that he just wanted me to let Amelia go so he could have her for himself. Amelia is a very beautiful girl, so I don’t blame other guys for wanting her, but Amelia is mine now, so no one else can have her.
That’s why I had to get rid of Adam.
So he could never take Amelia away from me.
Hours passed, and I felt more worry take over the anger I felt.
What if Amelia develops feelings for Charlie or one of his agents?
What if Charlie or one of his agents develops feelings for Amelia?
I couldn’t have that happen.
So many other girls have cheated on me before, supposedly because I “didn’t make them happy.” I never understood that. I always made them happy. I always brought them gifts, I protected them, I was always by their side, I always loved them.
But they never seemed to love me back.
I was determined to find Amelia.
And when I find her, she will be in a lot of trouble.
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