How long can you last lying to Those you say you love?
Swimming In Lies
Fro-Yo and Ninjas
I arrived at the Frozen Yogurt place, awkwardly awaiting Tyler. I was getting lots of weird looks from people, most of which I replied with a raise of my eyebrows. Most looked away immediately.
After a few minutes, a guy wearing all black and eyeliner walked in. He looked like the scariest punk-rocker I’ve ever seen. Then, I remembered. Tyler was supposed to be disguised as Blade, the guitarist in my band.
“Hey, Blade.” I called, flicking my head.
“Raven.” He replied, sitting down across from me. He kicked his feet up on the table, which earned him a distasteful glare from the store owner.
“So, I heard we’re heading to the old warehouse for rehearsal tonight?” I asked him, scrolling through my phone.
“Yeah. We’re meeting up with Snake and Wolf at 7 tonight. I heard there’s a lot of security at the place, making it really hard for fans to get in. Hopefully they remember that we’re in the band this time.” Tyler/Blade looked up and smiled at me, revealing cold blue eyes.
Snake was Ryan’s code name. Wolf was Adam’s code name.
“Cool.” I glanced up at the clock. “It’s 5 am now. What are we going to do for 9 hours?” I questioned, worried as to why the plan changed. We were supposed to get there at 7 am, not 7 pm.
Tyler/Blade grinned at me creepily. “We’re taking the long way to the warehouse, Raven.”
Something about this guy was unnerving. He was unnaturally handsome, and way to good at acting out his disguise. He also was a ex-agent of Ryan’s, meaning I probably shouldn’t completely trust him.
“What’s the long way, Blade?” I asked, trying to sound as casual as possible.
“This way.” He stated simply.
Then the ninjas hopped out of nowhere. Several dropped from the ceiling, surrounding me with swords. The rest flipped out from behind the topping stand, grabbing my wrists and handcuffing them. The owner of the store didn’t do as much as lift a finger.
Tyler grabbed my bag and started rummaging through it. He pulled out the pen. He laughed at it.
“A laser pen. How pathetic, Charlie. How weak do you think the girl is?” He muttered to himself. He threw the pen onto the ground. He pulled out something that resembled an iPhone. However, when the clicked the home button, a ray of red light shot out from the camera lens and disintegrated the pen.
Then, he pulled out my gun. He chuckled, looking smug. “Interesting, he gave the girl a gun. Does she even know how to use a gun, I wonder?” Tyler suddenly laughed manically. “How idiotic of him.” His expression went grim, his voice hard. He tossed the gun to the side.
“I could teach her how to use a gun, you know.” He continued talking to himself, pacing around me. “I could teach her many useful things. Many things Charlie couldn’t ever teach her. I’d be a much better teacher. Yes, oh yes, I would. The girl should really come to my agency. She’d be so useful there. She could help take down Ryan and his agency. She could help save Adam. She could help take down Charlie and his agency.” Tyler chuckled darkly.
“What?” I gasped. “What do you mean, take down Charlie’s agency?”
Tyler turned sharply. He strode towards me. He leaned down so he was only inches from my face. “It means exactly what you think it means, idiot. It means I want to get rid of every other agency in this town until mine is the only one left.” He hissed at me. Suddenly, his face softened, and he smiled coldly. “You can help me with that.”
I glared at him. “No, I can’t. I’m useless. I’m nothing special. Charlie didn’t even want me to help him find Adam. I made him help me. I’m the most useless-“
“Silence.” Tyler commanded, covering my mouth. “I can see clearly through your lies, girl. That’s what I need you for. I need to you to lie. I can act, but I can’t lie well enough. You can act and lie stupendously. Besides, you have a special connection with Ryan, Adam, and Charlie. They’d all do anything for you. That will help me tale them down.” He giggled, almost as giddy as a school girl.
“Why should I ever help you?” I growled, trying to pull away from the ninjas; they simply held me tighter.
“Oh, you know, if you don’t, I’ll let Ryan kill Adam. And I’ll kill Charlie. Then I’ll kill you.” He grinned from ear to ear.
I bit my tongue, holding back nasty insults that I desperately wanted to scream at Tyler.
“I know that’s your weakness, little girl. You don’t want to hurt anybody. You don’t want to see anybody die. You’d do anything to save a life, even if that life belongs to someone you hate.”
I sighed. It was true. I cared way too much about others. But I couldn’t live with myself if I let anyone die.
“So, little girl, what do you say?” Tyler asked, grinning at me evilly.
No! My head screamed.
“Yes.” I told him.
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