How long can you last lying to Those you say you love?
Swimming In Lies
Saturday was here, and I was freaking out. There were so many questions running through my head, I could hardly keep track of them.
What do I wear?
Is my hair okay?
What if he asks me to eat some spinach, and then when he goes to kiss me, he notices there’s some in my teeth and he tells me to leave and never talk to him ever again because I’m a hideous beast?
So maybe that last one was a little far fetched, but I was genuinely worried, okay?
When I got in the car, I had my mom turn on the radio. I like to do this thing that I called “Song Fortunes.” Whatever song comes on first tells me what my day will be like. Today’s song was “Heartache on the Big Screen” by 5 Seconds of Summer.
At first, I didn’t think to much of it because I was too busy rocking out, but as I was screaming the lyrics. I slowly started to realize something.
“This ain’t a movie, that I want to see. A tragic story, starring you and me. Yell cut, we’re stuck inside this scene, this is Heartache on the Big Screen.”
Suddenly, my voice faltered. “Is something wrong?” My mom asked. “No, Mom.” I replied quickly.
Maybe the next song will be better? I thought to myself.
The next song was “Sad Beautiful Tragic” by Taylor Swift.
Are you kidding me? I thought angrily.
“The next song has to be better.” I muttered to myself. “Don’t Want Your Love” by Shawn Mendes came on.
“Seriously?” I shrieked, shutting the radio off. My mom freaked out and swerved, nearly hitting a car. “What is it, honey?” She asked, slightly irritated. “The first song is about a horrible romance, the second is about a bad breakup, and the third is about not wanting to love someone, but you can’t help yourself! My song fortune is horrible today!” I crossed my arms and pouted. She put a hand on my arm. “Oh, Amelia, honey. Don’t feel bad. I’m sure today will be great.” I smiled at her. “Thanks, Mom.”
She was right. They were just songs. They couldn’t possibly mean anything, right?
As soon as my mom drove up to the house, I got out the car. “Love you, honey!” She told me as I stood by the open car door. “Love you too, Mom.” I said. “Don’t do anything you’ll regret!” She said as I shut the door. She rolled down the window. “I won’t, Mom.”
“Stay safe!” She called as I walked to the door. “I will, Mom.” I replied, getting annoyed. “Call me if you need anything!”
“Goodbye, Mom!” I yelled, incredibly irritated. She rolled down the window and drove away.
I took a deep breath, and knocked on the door. On the second knock, it swung open. I was greeted by a tall woman with dark brown hair and green eyes, like Ryan. “Oh, you must be Amelia! You’re so much prettier than Ryan described! Come in, come in!” I walked into their house. Ryan’s mother pulled me into a hug. “Oh, you’re just so cute!” She shrieked.
“Mom, can you not?” Ryan asked, emerging from the stairs. She let go of me. “Oh, Ryan! Amelia is here!” I was about to turn and greet him, but I was stopped by a harsh, “Don’t turn around!” I giggled at the reference he made. “Close your eyes.” Ryan said, grabbing my hand. I could hear his mom sighing romantically beside me. “You kids have fun!” She cheered as I was dragged away.
It felt like we were going upstairs forever. “Ryan, are we almost there?” I complained. “Almost, Amelia. Just wait. Here we are. Sit down. There you go. Open your eyes.”
We were still on the stairs. “Um, Ryan? Why are we here?” I asked. He sat down on the step below mine. “It’s my favorite place. No one ever comes up or down these stairs. I thought it would be nice to take you here.” I smiled. “It’s a very neat spot.”
He shifted a little to face me. “So, Amelia. I want to get to know you better. To do that, I thought we could state three facts about ourselves. I’ll go first. “I’ve never been in a relationship, I hate cheese, and I have a brother named Adam.”
My eyes widened. “Wait, you don’t like cheese? I don’t think I can hang out with someone who doesn’t like cheese.” He looked down and smiled a bit, embarrassed. He was so attractive when he did that. “I know, I’m crazy. But it just doesn’t taste right to me. Does that make sense?” I nodded. “Good, now I need three facts about you.”
I thought about it. “My middle name is Crystal, I have a guinea pig named Rascal, and I love 5 Seconds of Summer and Fall Out Boy.”
He suddenly seemed very interested in my last fact. “I love Fall Out Boy. I’ve heard of 5 Seconds of Summer, but I’ve never heard their music. Would you mind playing some for me?”
I smiled. “Of course!” I was about to give him the right earbud when he stopped me. “No, give me the left one.” I stared at him, confused. “Why? Then our heads will be awkwardly close.” He smirked. “Exactly.” I nudged him. “You flirt.” I scolded, but I gave him the left one anyways.
I started playing my favorite song, Mrs. All American. He leaned back, closed his eyes, and started nodding his head to the beat. Once the song ended, he opened his eyes. “They’re really good.” He said. Then he reached out for my hand. I took it, and he pulled me to my feet. Even on the step above him, he was still taller than me.
“I love that accent you have when you say hello.” He started singing and dancing with me. His singing voice was amazing. After letting him serenade me for a moment, I joined in with him. We danced up and down the stairs, signing at the top of our lungs. Eventually, we both got tired and sat back on the stairs again, still hand in hand. “You’re a great singer.” He said, slightly out of breath. “No way, Ryan. You’re way better.”
“Oh, don’t.” He replied. We sat in silence for a moment, until he looked over at me. “Uh, Amelia?”
“Yeah?” I asked.
“I think I’m in love with you.”
“I think I’m in love with you, too.”
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