How long can you last lying to Those you say you love?
Swimming In Lies
Everything Finally Goes According to Plan, More or Less
Amelia’s POV
I woke up the next morning feeling a strange mixture of excitement, fear, and anxiety.
This mixture ultimately did not agree with me, and caused me to puke all over my Operative’s Quarters the second I woke up.
“Oh, lovely.” I groaned, heading to the bathroom to wash up and grab some towels to clean up my mess.
“Amelia? Are you alright?” I heard Charlie call from back in the sleeping quarters.
“I’m fine. I’m in the bathroom.” I called back.
He appeared a few moments later.
If I’m honest, his current appearance contrasted his usual perfectly well dressed appearance greatly.
His usual curly brownish-reddish hair was a mop on top of his head. His brown eyes were hardly open, and little crusted pieces surrounded them.
The most alarming thing, however, was that along with his robe, he wore boxers with little turtles on them.
“Hello, Charlie Boy. You’re looking...refreshed.” I chuckled, trying my best not to just burst out laughing at him.
He simply rolled his eyes at me, smirking. “Okay, Little Whaleia, let’s get you cleaned up. We have a big day today.”
I emerged from the bathroom some time later. Charlie had given me a simple black shirt and some black jeans to wear. I decided to pull my brown hair up into a pony-tail, partly to add to the secret-agenty feel, but mainly because I was simply to lazy to actually style it.
When I walked out, Charlie appeared to be momentarily mesmerized.
“Wow, Amelia. You look...nice.” He said slowly.
“Thanks, Charlie Boy, you don’t look to bad yourself.” I responded quickly. I honestly didn’t have time for his awkward compliments today. My mind was fixed on nothing but saving Adam.
“Well, uh, anyway, we should head to the control room so we can review the plan with Tyler.” Charlie said, quickly regaining his usual poised and proper attitude.
When Charlie stepped into the control room, he appeared to be genuinely shocked at the technology Tyler had.
“Look at this, Amelia! He has a SpyScape 447. These are so exclusive, not even I have one! How is that possible? How is it possible Tyler, of all people, hase a SpyScape 447 and I don’t!” He ranted, admiring the table tablet thingy in front of him.
I shoved him out of the way, and pulled up the mission folder on the screen. “Charlie, we need to focus. Okay, so the plan: Tyler is going to bring me to Ryan, tied up and everything to add to the whole hostage affect. Then, while Ryan is most likely going on his rant about how much he missed me and how I should never leave him again, you’ll be sneaking in and hiding in the rafters with a gun, in case something goes wrong and Ryan needs to be shot down. If everything goes according to plan, Ryan should give me the gun, and instead of shooting Adam, I shoot him. We cut Adam loose, bada-bing bada-boom, Ryan’s gone and Adam is safe at last.” I explained.
I looked over at Charlie, only to find that he hadn’t been paying very much attention to what I was saying. Instead, he seemed to be fixated on a certain point in the wall in front of him. He seemed lost in thought, almost as if something was troubling him.
“Charlie, is something wrong?” I asked, actually very concerned. Sure, Charlie had his off-moments, but he was never one to just space out. He looked... sad.
He sighed. “You confuse me so much, Amelia.” He whispered, still not looking at me.
“What do you mean?” I said, chuckling awkwardly. That was such an odd thing for even him to say.
He hung his head in response, shaking it slightly.
“Charlie.” I urged, starting to get frustrated.
He looked up at me slowly. He leaned on the table, allowing me to finally be a bit taller than him for once.
“Amelia, there’s just something about you. You’re not quite like any other girl I’ve met. But it’s not that you’re smarter, or prettier, or faster, or more skilled in general, although you are. It’s something else about you. You’re just so much guess.” He explained.
I stared at him, confused. What was he trying to tell me?
“What is that supposed to mean, Charlie?” I asked. I really didn’t understand why we were wasting time going through this now, when we should be on our way to save Adam.
“I-I don’t-I mean-well-it’s just-you-I...”
Then he stopped talking.
And I stopped talking.
And his lips were on mine.
He had stood up, so I was shorter than him again.
His hands were on my cheek, mine clutching his arms.
I was shocked at first, but then I relaxed.
There was something about his kiss, something that was so different.
It wasn’t like Ryan’s, whose kisses terrified me and made me feel unsafe.
It wasn’t like Tyler’s, who was sweet and gentle, but didn’t feel romantic.
Charlie’s felt so much more... real.
I could feel how much these emotions frustrated him and confused him, but I could also feel how much he truly did care.
Although he may think that because he is so intellectual, he isn’t capable of human emotion, deep down inside, he’s nothing more than a giant Care Bear.
After what felt like an eternity but was probably only a minute or so, Charlie let go of me.
Then he flipped out.
“Amelia! I-I’m so sorry-I didn’t mean-I-I-just-I’m- Oh my God!“ He hit himself in the head as if to scold himself for what he did.
“Charlie, it’s fine.” I assured him, grabbing his shoulders and looking him dead in the eyes.
“Oh, so it’s fine! Just like how Tyler’s kiss was a sweet gesture? Okay, I see how it is.” He snapped, pulling away from me.
“Charlie! What has gotten into you?” I yelled back. Why was he acting like this? He kissed me, so none of this was my fault.
“Nothing. Just...let’s just go save Adam.” He said, barely audible. “Tyler, we’re heading down.” He said into the intercom.
He started towards the door. Before he opened it, he turned, and said, “I’m really sorry, Amelia. I’m sorry I started caring about you.”
And with that, he walked out the room.

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