How long can you last lying to Those you say you love?
Swimming In Lies
The Quentin Boys
Amelia’s POV
I awoke in the passenger’s seat of Charlie’s car after being passed out for who knows how long. It was relieving to know that Charlie had saved me, but that feeling was quickly overwhelmed by the massive headache striking me. I doubled over from the pain, resting my head in my hands.
“Easy there, Amelia. Charlie said you had a pretty nasty fall. Just close your eyes, but try and stay awake. We’re almost back to the base.”
To my surprise, the voice I heard wasn’t Charlie’s, but Tyler’s.
Honestly, I was relieved to find Tyler by my side. It had felt like forever since I’ve seen him, and I was in desperate need of his eccentric personality.
“Tyler, you’re here too?” I asked, sounding more dazed than I had expected.
He chuckled slightly. “Yeah, Charlie asked me to come as backup. Turns out I’m just the getaway.”
I smiled, which was surprisingly painful.
Tyler seemed a bit more subdued than usual. I wonder what had happened that calmed him down so much?
“Tyler, where’s Charlie?”
“Wow, only two minutes of conversation and you’re already asking for Charlie. Don’t you ever worry about me, Amelia?” He mockingly pouted.
I closed my eyes, smiling the best I could without splitting open my head. “Tyler, please.”
“He’s in the back. He seems really distraught right now and clearly wants to be left alone.”
This comment confused me. What could have possibly happened that would leave Charlie so distraught he would trust Tyler to get us home safely? Knowing Charlie, he would want to see we returned safely himself.
“How much happened while I was passed out?”
Tyler exhaled sharply, a whistling noise emitting from his nose.
“What didn’t happen while you were passed out is a better question. Essentially, Charlie found out that all of this madness wasn’t for you. Ryan was doing all of this to get the attention of Charlie.”
I shot up at this statement. “He wanted Charlie’s attention? I’m seriously starting to question-“
“No, not like that, Amelia.” Tyler interrupted, laughing loudly. “Charlie is Ryan’s older brother. He left the Quentin Organization over a year ago. Almost immediately after, their parents died and Adam left to find Charlie. Ryan was alone. Eventually, he found his way back to Adam, but he really just wanted to be with Charlie again. Charlie was his inspiration, and he felt so betrayed when Charlie disowned himself from the family name.”
All of this information was a lot to take in at once. Charlie, a Quentin brother? Why didn’t he tell me any of this?
“It’s a long and painful story, Amelia. It would be better if Charlie told it to you himself. Trust me, he will when he’s ready.” Tyler responded. I still found it incredible how well he picked up on social cues and seemed to know exactly what you were thinking.
Still, I couldn’t quite process all this information. There were three Quentin Boys: Adam, Ryan, and now Charlie. Charlie clearly distanced himself from his two other brothers, understandably since he left whatever their organization was.
Even with this information somewhat settling in, I couldn’t process how Charlie was related to Adam and Ryan.
Both Adam and Ryan had the Quentin family brown hair and green eyes. Although Charlie’s hair had brown undertones, it was mostly red. His eyes were a dark brown, which greatly contrasted the green eyes of his other brothers. He was the middle brother, which could have something to do with his contrast in appearance?
That was probably the most ridiculous theory I had ever came up with.
But another contrast was their personalities. As different as they are, Adam and Ryan both have one major trait in common: their passion. Although Ryan’s may come off as psycho and Adam is a bit more subdued, they’re both extremely passionate about whatever they put their mind too.
Charlie tends to conceal his emotions a bit more. Whether this was just his personality, or a defense mechanism, I wasn’t sure.
“Hey, Amelia, you still with me?” Tyler finally asked, interrupting my thoughts.
I glanced up. “What? Oh, yeah, I’m still awake. Say, you aren’t somehow illogically related to Ryan too, are you?”
Tyler laughed again, making me smile once more. “Not as far as I know, Amelia.”
I nodded and turned in the chair, laying my head against the armrest, curling into myself.
“Hey, don’t be falling asleep on me, sis.” Tyler warned, ruffling my hair.
“I make no promises.” I whispered, before the overwhelming headache took over and I was out again.

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