How long can you last lying to Those you say you love?
Swimming In Lies
Now What?
Amelia’s POV
I don’t think I’ve ever been so infuriated in my life.
The one person I thought I could place my complete trust in turned out to be more of a liar than I am. And just to make matters worse, he won’t even tell me anything now that I know his entire life is a lie!
It’s pointless to even try prying anyone for information. I get the same answer from the same people all the time.
From Charlie’s agents, it’s “I don’t know, Amelia. He keeps his life classified.”
From Tyler, it’s “Look, I’ve told you what I can, okay? Sorry, kiddo.”
From Adam, it’s “Charlie is the middle brother. He left the Quentin Organization a few years ago, and we hadn’t seen him since. That’s what happened.”
From Charlie, it’s nothing. Absolutely nothing.
No one will tell me why he left, what the Quentin Organization is, or anything.
Apparently, it was time to drop that matter, because Charlie called an agency meeting after his three days of seclusion.
“I’m sorry for how distant I’ve been lately, everyone. I just needed some time to myself to...reflect...on some certain decisions I’ve made. However, that’s behind us now. Now, we need to focus on one main point: what’s next?”
The crowd of agents standing before Tyler, Charlie, and I remained silent. Adam stood behind us, nervously rocking on his heels. This whole agency thing was still pretty new to him.
“From the new information I obtained, Amelia is not the immediate threat anymore,” Charlie continued, gesturing towards me, “However, she may remain a possible target, and is to remain heavily guarded. Tyler, I suggest you relay this information to your agents as well, and make sure they stay on our side.”
Tyler nodded in response.
“Adam is also less threatened as of now. As far as we know, all Ryan wants is me to return, which is doable. I will not return to the Quentin Organization, but I do have another proposal.” Charlie looked over the crowd, almost nervous about what he had to say next.
“I would like to propose that we invite Ryan to this Organization.”
Immediate chaos erupted.
The agents began to yell and protest at this statement, pushing over each other to try and get their point across to Charlie.
Tyler, Adam, and I all whispered variations of “Are you serious?” and “How much did you consider this?” to him.
Charlie remained calm, his mouth pressed into a straight line.
He raised a hand, and silence fell back over the room.
“I am aware of your concerns, but as far as I can tell, Ryan is not a threat to us so long as we give him what he wants and keep an eye on him.”
“So what? You’re just... giving in?“ An agent protested.
“I’m not giving in as much as I am helping our numbers. Ryan, as much as I hate to say it, is an excellent agent. His skills and planning are unmatched. Besides, we’ll need him to defeat our common goal: The Enemy.”
Somehow, the silence in the room seemed to deepen, and the air went still.
“ do we know Ryan isn’t working with The Enemy?” A brave soul squeaked out.
“No one knows who or what The Enemy is, only that they wreaked havoc upon the city, forcing teens to commit crimes for them. I know Ryan wasn’t involved. Ryan doesn’t work for others; he only works with his own intent.” Charlie snapped back.
“So, if Ryan doesn’t work for others, how can we assume we’ll be able to contain him in this Organization?” I countered.
“That’s my one concern.” Charlie replied, turning to me. “We can only hope that he’ll be willing to cooperate if I try to repair my relationship with him.”
Charlie turned back to his agents, regaining his unbreakable composure.
“That shall be our next move. Tomorrow, I will send our offer to Ryan. If you disagree with this decision, please, peacefully leave now.”
No one moved an inch.
“Good. This plan will commence tomorrow.”
I had to jog to keep up with Charlie on our way back to the living quarters. He was walking so briskly and was clearly trying his best to avoid me.
“Charlie, do you really think this is the best idea?” I gasped, finally catching up to him.
“Whaleia may be fast, but she still has horrible endurance.” He commented in return.
“Shut up and answer my question, please.”
“It’s our only option. I mean, what else are we supposed to do? Just leave him out there waiting for his next attack? It’ll be easier if we keep him with us. He’ll be under the impression we want his help, but it’s really just a better way for us to monitor him. It’ll stop him from distracting us from...” His voice quickly faltered, and he began walking faster.
“The Enemy? Is that what all these agencies are protecting us from? You said something about him forcing teens...”
It. Them. We don’t know who or what The Enemy is. We don’t know if they’re an organization or a single person yet. All we know is we have to stop them.” He said sharply.
“Why are you being so short with me?” I finally snapped back, exasperated. I was sick of him treating me like I was poison to talk to.
“Because...” He wavered, his composure beginning to fade. “Because I don’t know how I feel about you, Amelia! You frustrate me, okay? When I kissed you, it made me feel something I never had before, and I don’t know if I like it. I hate not knowing, Amelia.” He turned on his heel, revealing his tear stained face.
“Charlie, I...I didn’t realize I caused this much trouble for you.” I replied quietly, avoiding his tearful gaze.
“It’s not your fault, Amelia. I fell in love with you.“ His voice lowered, his gaze matching mine on the floor. He then looked up, gave me a small smile, and disappeared, once again, into his room.
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