How long can you last lying to Those you say you love?
Swimming In Lies
Secret Calls
The next morning I woke up, almost screaming. I had a terrifying dream that Ryan had found where I lived, sneaked into my room, and gave me a rose. He even kissed me!
I turned over to find something poking my back. I moved to find a rose in my bed. I screamed, then covered my mouth, remembering my mom and sister were still asleep. I was hyperventilating, shaking, and crying.
Ryan was actually obsessed with me.
I had to keep repeating this to myself. It seemed so hard to fathom. It didn’t seem possible that someone would devote their entire lives to someone else. Ryan lived for me, and only me.
There was only one other person to talk to about this.
“Adam?” I asked as soon as the phone stopped ringing. “Yeah?” He replied. I sighed. It wasn’t Ryan. “Can Ryan here this phone call right now?” I quickly whispered. “No, he isn’t home.” Adam said, sounding confused.
“Okay, change my contact name so Ryan can’t trace this call. And address me as that contact name whenever we’re on the phone. Don’t ever let Ryan hear these conversations.” I breathed, extremely nervous.
“Alright, Samantha Riley, what do you want to talk about.” Adam asked once he had done everything.
“It’s what you said about Ryan. I can’t possibly let him obsess over my sister. It isn’t fair and I couldn’t let her suffer through that. Is there any other way to get him to leave me alone?” It was silent for a long time while he was thinking.
“Not really. Like I said, the only way he’ll stop obsessing over you is if he obsesses over someone else. The only other girl he talks about ever, is Melanie. If you can find someone he’ll obsess over more, then maybe you can save your sister. But it seems to me Ryan wants someone from the Waters family.”
I sighed. “So you’re sure-“
“Hey, uh, Samantha? I got to go.” Adam interrupted.
“Um, okay.” I said.
Before Adam could hang up, I heard a smack, then the other line was dropped.
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