the first book in the sylvie and kelly series
Sylvie and Kelly
Polar Opposites
Sylvie and Kelly both lived on Ice cream Ave. They were both 9. They were both in Mrs. Grant’s 3rd grade class. But that does not mean that they were the same.
In fact, they were the exact opposite of the same.
They were polar opposites.
Kelly was neat, Sylvie was messy. Sylvie was impolite, Kelly was polite. Kelly always got an A on her paper and Sylvie always got a C.No, a C- Sylvie hated drawing and reading, but Kelly loves it!
But they were still friends. Nobody could keep them apart.
It was like they were superglued together.
Part 1 told by Sylvie
It was a rainy Monday morning at school, so Recess was cancled. “NOOO!!” cried Sylvie! “YESSSS!!” cried Kelly, I can read in the library! “What?!?” Asked Sylvie.
Kelly was right, we read in the library during lunch recess. I had never been more bored in my life! I picked out a book about dinasours. Kelly read a big kid book with lots of chapters. It was called A Series of Unfortunate Events.
I sat down on the bean bag in the library. Even though I had an awesome book about big animals, I didn’t want to read. I wanted to play in the rain.
And then I thought of something.
I thought of a plan, a plan that could get me out of the library and in the rain.
During Recess.
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