Is technology really superior?
Taking To The Moon
Set in the year 3021
Natalie Pyle combed her finger through her loose brown hair bobbing just below her shoulders. She had hazel brown eyes, and a pretty snub nose. On her left wrist was an iBand, by the electronics company, Apple. The iBand consisted of four hexagonal buttons. When a button was pressed, a hexagonal hologram would appear in mid-air. Natalie’s had a calming shade of sky blue as its border and strap. Natalie was often regarded as a nerd in school, because of her love to read. Her hololibrary could have been the one with the most holobooks one had ever seen. Other than reading, Natalie also loved writing, and she had already published a book in 3018, when she was twelve. To add insult to the injury, Natalie was always on the top of her class, making many people envy her, which soon led to hate. So she never had a close friend.
Most of her ‘friends’ only came to her for help on homework, and deserted her as soon as they had come. But Natalie wasn’t one to be bothered by what others thought of her. She continued being the genius and holobookworm she had always been
Ring... Ring...
The bell chimed twice, indicating that lessons were about to begin. Holograms vanished into thin air as Mrs. Lynch, the Literature teacher, walked into the class.
“Good morning class. Today, there is an extra assembly, because the principal would like to give an announcement,” said Mrs. Lynch. She gave Natalie a wink as she exited the class. They stepped into the AirBender, which was an elevator which used air pressure to get them where they needed to go.
They entered the hall, which was filled with chairs floating a feet from the ground. Mrs. Lynch instructed them to sit in a particular row of chairs. As Natalie sat down, Mr. Ginn, the principal zoomed into the hall on his thruster- shoes.
“Good morning everyone!” said he enthusiastically. “This is news some of you will be happy with and some not so much. Today, we will be having a test on general knowledge, Math, English, Science and all of your other subjects. Good news, we won’t have our year- end exams anymore. Now for those of you who are groaning, take note that this exam isn’t any test. The prize for the winner is beyond your wildest imagination. Unfortunately for you, I can’t tell you what it is. So good luck! Once you reach your classes, you will be sent a copy of the test. And, there will be no texting during the test, and you iBands will be forbidden from texting while you are in you are doing the test. Good luck!”
There were many groans as the teachers led the students out of the hall and ushered back to their respective classrooms. Natalie plopped into her chair, which, like the chairs in the hall, floated a feet above the ground, in front of her was a holographic table, but barely anyone used it. Everything they needed were in their iBands.
Natalie drummed her hands impatiently on the table. She had already seen the test- it was sixty-three pages long. She was waiting for Mrs. Lynch to give the start sign. She was, in fact, not in the class at all! As soon as Natalie finished thinking those thoughts, a holographic image of Mrs. Lynch appeared.
“Now class, you may begin,” she said. And the image distorted and faded away.
Natalie found that her iBand’s holograms were then fixed to only the test, preventing anyone from researching or texting. Not that she needed to cheat.
Introduction Sheet
Please take the time to answer these questions, no matter how pointless they seem.
1. Full Name: Natalie Pyle
2. D. O. B.: 6/6/3006
3. Hobby(ies): Writing, reading
4. iBand email:
5. Sibling(s) if any: Cassandra Pyle
6. International Achievements if any: Gold holomedal for International Scholar Duel (Math, Science, English, Writing and Space) for 5 years since 3016. Published a holobook: Descendants of Time; Galactic Queen Writing Comp. 3020- 1st runner up; International Math Competition 3018- 3020 Gold holomedal award; Space Interests 5.0 Bronze holomedal award
Then she proceeded to do the sets for every subject.
Natalie turned off her iBand and took the stairs to the cafeteria. Ever since the AirBender had been invented people had stopped using the stairs, so the stairs were fairly deserted. The stairs had a clear inch of dust and a pathway where the dust was stamped out, by Natalie.
She wanted to do some excercise, and taking the stairs was better than going to the Gym. Besides, going to the Gym required an extra paid membership, and her family was trying their best to make ends meet, making a Gym membership out of the question.
Natalie trotted down the steps, taking her own sweet time. There would be no one waiting for her at the end of the steps. No one there to greet her. No one to have lunch with her. But she didn’t mind. A life worth living is worth living alone.
She selected her lunch on her iBand function and slowly made her way to an empty table. In the middle of every table was a holographic hexagon. She let it scan her QR Code from her order and sat down to read. Within minutes, a plate of steaming hot bolognese spaghetti zoomed towards her on a plate carrier with thrusters. The plate carrier settled on the table and she begun to dig in.
After lunch, Mr. Ginn had another announcement to make. As soon as everyone sat down, he got onto the stage.
“Good afternoon everyone,” he said. “I bet you’re all confused about the test this morning. Did everyone find it easy? The point of the test was to see who could qualify the second round of a selection. But what selection, you ask. NASA is looking for school students to send to the moon
Many people gasped as he said the word “We have chosen the top student in the entire school to take part in the second round of this competition in TypoZi Hotel next week. And the winner is...”
Everyone held their breathe as Mr. Ginn opened the folder of the name of the winner. He clicked a button and the hologram enlarged to a huge hexagon over himself.
3, 2, 1
The numbers on the hologram flickered away and there was a name.
Natalie gasped in shock. She knew she was a holobookworm and a smarty-pants, but who would expect her to stand a chance to live on the moon? A sea of students nudged her up to the front of the hall and Mr. Ginn shock her hand warmly.
“Good job, Ms. Pyle. Mrs. Lynch will see you tomorrow for details on the second round. DISSMISSED!” cried Mr. Ginn.
Natalie had a permanent smile etched upon her face. Perhaps, at long last, she would be accepted into a group of friends. Perhaps she just might.
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