The world is filled with people, places, and things. But in Techno, you’d see everything from a different perspective. Here, everything is either silver, gray, black, or green. There is no vegetation, and there are no rivers or lakes you can see from inside the city. No one knows where the water supply comes from. We’re forced to fight. It’s not like we’re slaves, though. Being forced to do something in Techno is like being the victim of mind control. In fact, that’s about what it is. Some of us build robots. Some of us make weapons. Some of us train to fight. And others learn to control weapons or robots. It has always seemed that simple. Well, it’s not that simple.
You might be thinking that it’s terrible for people here, but this was how we are raised, knowing that our purpose is to serve the Government. We’d never even seen anything outside Techno City. So why had I always been so reluctant?
It was my sixteenth birthday. I was being sent to the Training Center, ready to start training. My family knew that I would be one of the kids to build robots, but no one talked about it. It just wasn’t what people in Techno did. They were all strict, serious, and sincere- the Three Ss. Which was what all children in Techno City were taught since when we could understand words.
The Training Center rose high above me as I walked through the automatic-opening doors. A Robot scanned my VIP Pass, and I made my way to the room that said “ROBOT MAKING”. The large, circular room had white walls and a light gray floor. Three working-tables stood in one side of the room, while the other side was “decorated” with boxes of robot parts and a large metal desk overflowing with papers. A tall woman with pale skin and dark brown hair walked over to me, her high-heels clicking on the hard floor. “Right this way,” she said. She handed me two pale brown cardboard boxes of robot parts, and pointed to an empty work table. I walked over to it, and set down the boxes next to me. A wrinkled paper with pictures of robots printed on it was taped to the metal folder around my work space. I scanned my card of a small pad so no one could get into my things overnight, and studied the paper carefully. The robots were a dog, a cat, a boat, a plane, and a car. Easy. I could have all of them done by evening. But I would probably have to make more.
It didn’t matter. This was my new job, and my new home. Rule no. 56 of living peacefully in Techno City: No imagining what would be in the future- to dangerous. Keep your thoughts in the present. I gave it no thought now, but little did I know it would be a key to solving the mystery of my small world- Techno.

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