Tell me... Are Bunnies Dangerous?
Writer’s Block
Today I’m searching for inspiration. I’m sitting at my desk but my mind is completely blank and not one single idea is forthcoming. It seems I have writer’s block.
I’ve powered up my laptop and my fingers hover over the keys but my brain has gone on holiday.
Distracted, I gaze out of the window on my right and my eyes are drawn to the forests of Oldlane Hill on the horizon. For many years, it was the dumping ground for all the town’s refuse, a huge landfill site.
The powers that be stopped dumping household trash there about twenty-five years ago and the grounds lay sealed up and unused for quite some time.
A few years ago there was renewed interest in the site and many fruitless meetings were held to discuss its future. After months of time wasting and indecision, they decided to turn it into a recreational forest walk.
At great expense, it was landscaped. New pine trees were planted amongst the mature ones already growing there, lots of winding cinder paths were laid and picnic benches were dotted along the pathways.
When I can be bothered to climb the precipitous hill, I’ve walked my dog up there and found it a peaceful and pleasant place to spend a few hours, stolen out of my busy day. The wildlife is copious; in fact, the place is overrun with bunnies sporting fluffy marshmallow tails, who scurry off through the heather, gorse and overgrown wild-flower patches.
And that’s why my dog, Bob likes it up there, chasing rabbits is one of his favourite pastimes. My niece has a pet rabbit and when I visit her Bob plays in the garden with Patches, chasing him around in circles and frolicking on the lawn. They’re very good friends so I don’t think he would harm the wild rabbits of Oldlane Hill. I’m sure he just sees them as rather reluctant playmates.

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