“Alice, you’re a little lost.”
“Alice, you’re a little lost.”
He stares directly at me, my blue eyes and red lips unexpressive. I know he thinks I’m pretty, but he is convinced that messing with me is flirting.
“You should get lost,” I mutedly think but don’t say. I just hug onto my knees and let the wind ruffle my hair, his gaze childish.
He falls onto the grass and puts his arm over his forehead, the sun shining on his face.
“What do you want to do with your life, Alice?” He grins as he curiously looks up to the sky.
“My name is Lina.”
He ignores me, “Cause you seem a bit confused. Don’t know what you want. Don’t know who you are. You’re in a wonderland.”
He sits back up and locks his eyes on mine, “But you’re mysterious, like the Chesire Cat.
I don’t respond, irritated with him comparing me to a fictional character.
“You’re quite cold, aren’t you?”
He crawls over and sits next to me, “You know, I thought you would be the sweetest girl on earth.”
“I’m cold to people who annoy me,” I bluntly say, watching as he raises an eyebrow.
“Well, I’m offended. I never thought that you, Alice, would say such a thing!”
I stand up and roll my eyes, “You should take note on how Alice doesn’t have a boyfriend, nor does she want one.”
“Curiouser and curiouser!” He laughs as I walk away, a sly grin forming on my face from a sense of pride.
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