Telums. They go around killing random people just to keep the population in check. Ever since scientists have figured out the key to being immortal, the only way someone could die is if they were killed by a Telem. Telems project fear. Whenever the robed figures appear, people cower in fear, treating them with respect so that they won’t be killed.
It was pretty early in the night. Mother was making dinner, and Father was still at work. My little sister, Kayla, is doing her homework.
“Brooke, can you set the table?” Mother says. “I’m making soup and I don’t want it spilling everywhere.”
I nod and go to the cabinet where our dishes are. “When will Father get home?” Kayla asks, looking up from her homework.
“Soon. We’ll wait for him and then we’ll all eat together, as a family.” Mother answers.
“But I’m hungry!” Kayla complains.
“He should be home in about ten minutes,” Mother says checking the clock on the wall.
“Okay,” Kayla says, picking her pencil back up.
Mother smiles, “Good girl.”
There’s a knock on the door. “Hm, Father must’ve forgotten his keys,” Mother says going to answer it.
Kayla is smiling, glad that she’ll be able to eat. When Mother opens the door, it’s not Father, but a Telum at the door. He’s wearing a long, black robe that reaches the floor. On his fingers are jeweled rings, each a different color. The hems of his robe is lined with gold fabric. Mother gasps. Kayla’s pencil clatters to the floor. She may still be young, but everyone knows who these dreaded people are.
“Good evening,” the Telum says, “is Brooke Latrazzi home?”
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