Will this summer be awesome or not ???
Thanks, Mrs. McCarthy !
Chapter 1 : Last Day of School
“ Come on, get up Rose !!! Time for breakfast !! “
I shuffled under my sheets, struggling to get out of bed.
I yelled back to mum groggily “ Be right there Mum !! “
I ended up falling head-first onto the floor. I let out a high pitched yell out of agony. Jewel rushed into my room, slamming the door into the wall, creating a loud “ BANG “ .
Jewel yelled swinging her bat, “ What is it, Nazis, Terrorists, Taliban ??? Tell me Rose !!! “
By that time I had somehow managed to get out of my sheets and sit onto my bed, still unrecovered from the massive head injury. Now Mum had come into the room demanding what all the ruckuss was about.
Jewel had answered “ Mum, Rose won’t tell me how she fell down ! “
Mum groaned something about burning her pancakes and exited the room with Jewel slamming the door behind her. I stomped my feet on the ground and let the few tears slide onto my cheek. Then I just went for a cold shower.
It was the last day of school and Mum had my crisp, clean uniform laid out on the couch for me. I couldn’t figure what to do with my hair. I decided to throw my blonde hair into a messy bun, but I soon changed my mind and settled on a half up, half-down dutch braid side part style. I dumped half a bottle of hairspray, and a quarter of my mousse, and went into the kitchen.
Jay and Jewel were already stuffing down all the pancakes .
“ Hey !! Leave some for me !!” I screamed.
I circled the table with my plate since all the pancakes were finished because they were stuffed in Jay and Jewel’s plates. I snatched a lovely pancake out of Jay’s plate but he was too busy stuffing his face to notice. I shrugged and settled on the table on my usual chair. And then I noticed, there was this big glob of saliva on Jay’s pancake, I mean mine, since I stole it.
I stuck up my nose.
“ Ewww, Jay ! Yuck, you are so gross “
Jay looked up from his pancakes. He blew his blonde locks from his eyes before answering me.
“ Just shut up, Rose ! Atleast I let you steal my pancake, the least you can do is let me eat. “
“ But you spat on it, you brute !! “ I whined.
Mum came and clanked her plate on the table silencing us.
“ Stop this bickering you two !! “
Jay was done with his breakfast and so was I. Sort of.
I slid into the car , and jammed myself right infront if the A.C. Jay and Mum came and sat down beside me. Jewel was just about to get in when she suddenly shot towards the door into our house. I shrugged, and started texting Melody.
After a while Jewel came back with her skateboard. She told us all that, she’s not gonna come with us today because it’s the last day of school and she wanted to make a big entry.
Mum argued a little but let her have her own way, when she managed to convince her by promising to do her summer vacation homework. I knew she lied, Mum really gave in too easily.
Today was going to be so much fun !! It was my last year as a junior and next term, I was going to be a sophomore !! Jay is going to go into his second senior year next term. This was Jewel’s last day of elementary school. Dad was still in Thailand but he promised to come back for the holidays.
I’ll miss Mrs. McCarthy, she said she had some big news to give us but I wonder what it could be.
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