That one day....
Chapter 1
Zoey was ecstatic. She was going camping. Not only that she got to go with her entire family! Zoey loved the outdoors. She was going on a tour of the Ziplachian forest. The jewel of the state Zoodia. Zoey was fourteen almost fifteen. She had two older sisters Mellone and Jaid. Mellone was seventeen and a hard working student. Jaid was fifteen and didn’t love school, but loved to camp. Zoey also had two younger brothers. Zach and Caden, the twins. They both loved weird, gross things. Their both ten and super annoying to their sisters. Well, besides Zoey. Zoey can be a girly girl with her sisters and a Tom boy with her brothers. Their parents Tracy and Randy are adventurous, fun parents. They love to explore. Their mother was pregnant. They weren’t sure how many kids or what gender. The whole family was packing and getting ready for this exciting trip in the morning. Zoey was checking things off her checklist in her bedroom. Taylor Swift was playing in the background. “Underwear, check. Toothbrush, check. Water bottle, check. Clothes, check. Sleeping bag, check.....” Her mom walked into the room smiling. “Hey sweetie all ready for the big day tomorrow?” “Yep” Zoey replied. Her mother sat on her bed and looked around her room. She started to sing along to the song. Zoey joined in too. Just then Zoey’s father came into the room and sang along too. He was completly off tune. Zoey and her Mother laughed.
“Tomorrow is going to be great” Zoey said.
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