Respectful, friendly, humorous, Appreciative, Caring, honest... and then
The 1%
I stroll through the halls of the school,
I see bright yellow, never a sign of blue.
I’m popular,
I have a scholar.
I have the perfect life,
And a woman who I hope will soon be my wife.
But as we walk to the park where I planned to propose...
I saw something, and I froze.
Ahead on the bridge was a man beating a woman,
Suddenly, I didn’t feel human...
I stare, I only seeing my father beating my mother,
She had too much to suffer.
He didn’t go to jail until she finally gave in...
Then I start to wonder, ‘Where have I been?’
To my right is a woman I’ve never met before,
Was this the doing of alcohol?
No, I don’t drink. But then who is she? How are we here?
When the man and woman leave, the world disappears.
‘Where’d they go?’ I wonder, but I don’t question it for long.
I lead her onto the bridge and start singing a love song,
When the song is done I kneel before my girlfriend, ‘No regrets.’ I think.
I don’t even open the box before she screams, “Yes!”
I jump up and kiss her, she kisses me back.
This is the happiest day of my life!
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