The December challenge 2016 “The TEXT that my new year’s eve”
The 12 Texts of Christmas
Text 1: Dec 14
Ella13 Ok A, you’re not ok. U haven’t come out of ur room since u got home yesterday!
I looked at my phone and sighed for at least the one millionth time in 24 hours.
Itz.Annie I’m FINE, kay?
I could feel Ella hesitate. She knew I could get pretty testy when she pried. She was gonna do something anyway. Ug.
Ella13 On the 1st day of X-mas my sister gave 2 me...
I rolled my eyes.
Itz.Annie A partridge in a pear tree?!
That afternoon, there was a knock on my door. I expected lunch, so I jumped up. I peered out my doorway, looking for any of my family members. I really didn’t want to talk. Seeing no one, I looked down at the floor and gasped. A little tiny stuffed bird in a tiny little fake tree stared back at me. The little bird was obviously handmade and a little misshapen, but that made me love it all the more.
Then I realized that the tiny tree had pears on it. I gasped.
A partridge in a pear tree?!
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