Celia’s family have been hiding a secret from her to protect her.
The Animal Whisperer
Introducing me
Do I have to introduce myself? Really? You’ll get to know me. My name is Celia Alexander Kingston Earl. Call me CAKE (look at my initials). I’m 14.
I walked down the street leading to high school. Today, Ms. Wingard was teaching us all about marsupials, nocturnal species and many more types of animals. I was really looking forward to her class today. You see, I love animals. Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name. I turned around. Alice was walking towards me. I beamed at her and waited for Alice to catch up.
‘Huff! Hey Cel! Wassup?’ She smiled.
‘Nothing, how have you been?’ I asked, sweetly.
‘I’ve been great. I am planning to buy a new computer for my birthday. I prefer alien-ware and mac’s. Anyways, how’s life going?
‘Cool! Yesterday, my dad took me to his office to see what a vet does. It was amazing!
Alice is really easy to talk to. She is so smart and beautiful. She has long black hair that she normally ties in braids. Her black eyes match her hair.
She has a tanned complexion which she got from her Mexican mother. She is always on top of the class in Mathematics and Computer sciences. Natural geek, you could say. Alice is pretty tall, just a little bit taller than me. Her crush is a dopey you-tuber named Pete-Pie. Seriously!
Birds chirped as Alice and I hampered down the road. Oaken High was a international school and children from all over the world came to study here.
The topics these guys normally focused on were mathematics, literacy, computer sciences and biology. I enjoyed the biology lessons with Ms. Wingard. Alice was a teacher’s pet when it came to computer sciences with Mr. Smith. I walked past the school gates with Alice by my side. I loved my school! We strolled down the year 9 hall with confidence. This was my home. Camilla, the leader of the cheer-leading club smiled at us as we passed. Alice and I greeted her with respect. You see, Camilla was a S.R.S(Student representing school). Only the most intelligent and respectful students were honoured with that. As we entered the locker area, Candy ran towards us nearly knocking us over. ‘It’s a fashion show of pets tonight! She shouted.
‘What?’ Alice looked surprised.
‘I got my pet dog, Darcy!’ Candy exclaimed, beaming.
‘Oh, so students have to deck their pets up and hoist a fashion show? How cruel!’ I was angry. Why do this to the poor animals?
Candy looked disappointed. I noticed this, so I decided to tell her it would be our pleasure if she could come to the show with us. Candy jumped around like a mad puppy.
The bell rang and the teachers beckoned us to come in. I checked my schedule, we were in for English class first.
As all of us settled down in our seats, Ms. Millet rapped her ruler on her desk. ‘Attention, Students! I have an announcement to make.’
The batch turned to her few seconds later. Ms. Millet was a chubby lady, with dark brown eyes and hazel colored hair. She must be in her early 50’s.
She taught Language and Literature with a strong will. All the students feared her lessons. But not as much as the Mathematics teacher. Mr.Anderson was a old man who loved torturing students who disobeyed him. Everyone hated his lessons.
Ms. Millet started her announcement with a tender smile on her red, fleshy face. ‘So, some of you must have heard of the Animal Fashion show tonight at 5:00. Quite a few students have volunteered to bring a pet and dress it up to compete in the competition. Out of curiosity, who has brought a pet to participate?’
Candy, Miranda Summer and Mark Kingsley put their hand up, wide smiles on their faces.
Ms. Millet nodded towards them. ‘That is all?’ She questioned.
A chorus of ‘yes’ came from the batch seated in-front of her.
‘Books opened to page 163. Mr Soriano, read out the passage under ‘Conjunctions’ please.’ Ms. Millet ordered.
The Asian boy stood up nervously and read the paragraph out.
I felt like sleeping. Ms. Millet’s lessons could be very boring.
The day passed slowly as Alice, Candy and I sprinted through all the classes- Maths, English, Biology, Computer Sciences and Physical Education.
Finally, Mr.Smith dismissed us to let us prepare for the fashion show.
As I walked out of his class, I asked Candy if I could help her with Darcy, her dog. She nodded gratefully and suggested that Alice could help too.
We found Alice beside her locker.
‘I was looking for you guys!’ She exclaimed. It is sad she isn’t in the same batch as us two.
‘Alice, will you please help me with the fashion show? Please? Cel is already!’ Candy begged. I hugged her fondly. Candy was an extremely beautiful teenager who has had so many boyfriends, she doesn’t even remember them! Candice Cooper has a face that always smiles and eyes that are so convincing you can’t refuse.
It is all so crowded in here. I am supposed to reach the Gym Hall. That is were we are hosting the show. I am late, Candy asked me and Alice to meet her at the gym after school. But I am stuck in a lift. You see you need to travel on the lift to reach the huge gym. The door was jammed. There was no way of getting out. The smooth sides of the crowded lift felt like prison bars. The flashing red light hurt my eyes. Students crowded around the emergency panel, desperately punching buttons. Oh, this was never going to work. My heart was in my mouth and my eyes were wide open. Would I ever get out of this mess?
I hated lifts and I mostly hated getting stuck in them. The smell of sweat was pungent and rotten. Worst of all I couldn’t reach my friends.
I felt around my pocket, searching for something to eat. Nope. Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
A teenage punk standing beside started playing some music. Really? Music? At this time?!
She brushed her streaked hair back as she danced to the beat. Why was she so calm?
‘Still living, Still loving, yeah!’ She hummed. I snorted, music wouldn’t help in getting us out of this situation.
I decided to text Candy.
Plz help. Im stuck in the lift. :O
People were screaming and panicking. I felt frightened and teary. I had to get out of here.
BEEP! It was my phone. It was Candy! I was never more happier to meet her!
Im coming. Dont worry.
I sighed. I was going to be out of this mess in no time. Candy could do anything, for me, right? Wrong. I don’t know.
I took a few deep breaths and sat down on the cold floor. I was dying to get out this place. My fingers tingled with nervousness.
Light shone on my cellphone. I tried to shield it. Wait, what? I looked up. The doors were opening. A streak of light shone through the door as it was pulled open.
I pushed through the crowd. No one had noticed. They were too busy complaining. Such freaks! The door opened to reveal Candy and Alice, two burly guards and the principal, Mr. Engels. Everyone turned to the opening door. Everyone cheered. Gasps of relief were heard all over the lift. Screaming kids ran out out the door, expressing mad happiness as they smelt the fresh air again. The punk girl walked calmly out of the door, humming the same song as before.
What was with her? I hugged my friends with all my might.
‘Oh, Cel! We were so worried!’ Candy gasped, checking if I was alright.
‘Are you okay? Did you have a panic attack? I know you are claustrophobic.’ Alice said, concerned.
‘I’m okay. Now, let’s get to business.’ I shouted.
We all strolled into the huge Gym Hall which was crowded with students and sounded like a zoo. Candy lead us to her stall in the corner. It said ‘Candice Cooper, Pet: Darcy, Dog’. We went inside, excited to see everything. Alice and I gasped. ‘WOAH! In the corner there was a wash station all with a towel and soap. The opposite corner there was a table and a wardrobe and the sign read ‘Dress-Up Station’. The other side was all lined with beauty accessories. There was a long, dark table on where Darcy was seated. He was a dark, scruffy dog who loved me even more than Candy. I didn’t know why. Alice said I had a way with animals.
‘Oh guys, look, they are setting the ramp up!’ Alice shouted.
‘Right, let’s get to work. Alice go and see who else is participating in the fashion show and have a little sneak-peek. We need to know what our competition is.’ ordered Candy and Alice set off, looking around the gym. ‘You, Cel, give Darcy a bath will you? He literally worships you. I will be at the dress up station if you need me. I will decide what he should wear.’
‘Ya sure.’ I said. walking to Darcy. ‘Heyo, boy?’
‘Hey there, Celia.’ Something said. Must be Candy, joking around.
‘Candy!’ I exclaimed, while putting Darcy down in the basin and strapping him.
‘Yes, Cel?’ She asked.
‘Didn’t you say ‘hey there, Celia’ ?’
‘Nope. Why?’
‘I thought I heard a voice, Candy.’
‘Aw, forget it! It’s nothing.’
I had very sensitive ears. I put Darcy down in the basin filled with water.
‘Eeek! This is cold! A little hot please?’
I jumped back. Who was this?
‘Ergh! Over here, Idiot!’
I turned to Darcy.
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