Crown of Writing
The Answer
Dedicated to Adele, one of my biggest celebrity idles. She’s an incredible person, and not just because of her voice. She’s a good role-model. I think that everyone should look up to her, because she was my main motivation to continue pursuing my dreams. I’d like to thank her for that.
I didn’t think that living by myself would be effective, espically after my family abandoned me without an explanation.
I’ll tell you a few things:
I was seven at the time.
I didn’t know what was going on.
I didn’t have money.
I didn’t go to school.
And now I’m thirteen and still don’t get it.
My family left. There’s nothing more to say. They left me behind when I was seven in our house without any money or a guardian. At that point, I just pretended that they went on a vacation without me like in ‘Home Alone’. I ate the food in the fridge and mostly watched TV. When I turned nine, I realized that they weren’t coming back, and it scared me. I searched the house for money, but couldn’t find any trace of an inheritance left for me.
In that time period, I ate the remainder of the food in my pantry and cried in my room. But then I decided that I couldn’t live on my own forever. And that moment changed my life.
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