The Beauty
My Best Friend
Someone calls my name and I look up and smile.
It’s my best friend Matilda. She is red in the face and slightly breathless.
She plops down next to me and grimaces at her lunch tray. A shrivelled up carrot rests on a five-tier leafed salad.
“So the diet is going well I see.” I say swiping my chocolate wrappers out of sight.
Propping her face with one hand, Matilda uses the other to picks up the carrot and inspects it with disgust. “How am I supposed to be full with this.”
There is an explosion of laughter on the table next to us. The boys attention are on us and something tells me its about Matilda’s new diet plan. The words ‘fat’ and ‘pig’ wonder over to our table.
“Come on” I say picking up her tray and mine and dumping the contents in the nearby bin. “Let’s get some proper food.”
Five minutes later we are sat outside in the sunshine with a feast of cafeteria pizza, chips and cake for dessert laid out before us. As soon as Matilda is finished scolding me she is all smiles as we stuff our faces.
“Have you thought any more about confessing to Harry” I ask.
Matilda grimaced and stared at the can of fizzy pop in her hand. “I was going to confess after I lost a few pounds.”
A wave of guilt threatened to wash over me but I kept it at bay. “You are beautiful” I say and her face brightens up. Matilda knows I don’t lie - well not intentionally anyway.
Because we are always together people find it necessary to compare us. No matter how much weight she loses she always gets called fat when she is stood next to me.
Sometimes I wonder if she’s better off without me.

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