The Box In The Attic
The Attic’s Wonder
Creak. Creak. Step. Creak.
A girl, who looked about only 8 years old stepped into the attic. It was a dusty place, with curtains full of dust, and a floor so old, the color was gray. The attic had art supplies everywhere, most were hanging off spiderwebs.
The girl smiled. It was the ideal place. She peaked into the room, making sure nobody was there. Well, of course no one was there. Who would be in such an old dusty place?
They were in house 20489, the oldest house in the entire state. The owner was an old lady, who couldn’t even stand up from her chair. The outside was pale red from the millions of times rain rubbed against them. The door was gray, all the paint had been washed of clean as well. Downstairs was also very dull, but it was obvious the old lady didn’t mind. People came to visit her once in a while. The girl had observed all this, and decided the location for their secret hideout. The attic.
The little girl motioned to her friends, 2 twins with red hair and freckles and a 12 year old girl with straight, black hair. The girl herself, had brown, slightly wavy hair and green eyes. The quartet tiptoed into the room. It wasn’t committing crime, it was just borrowing someone’s property. There was nothing else to it. They took out a few pencils and sketchbooks, plopped their backpacks on the floor and settled themselves in.
“There’s no bed,” the oldest girl said with disgust. The girl just shrugged. It didn’t seem to matter now. They had a hideout, a secret base to perform operations. What else could they ask for?
“We have sleeping bags,” one of the twins said. “A bed doesn’t matter now.”
“She’s right,” the other twin piped up. “We have all the things we could possible want. All we need is to start operations.”
“Then start operations we should,” the girl said with a nod. “We need a box.”
“A box?” the oldest girl said, wrinkling her nose. “What for?”
The girl smiled. She had planned this out for weeks. All she needed to do was put it into action.
“A little memory,” the girl replied. “For the four of us.”
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