Just keep smiling!
The Brace Chronicles
“H-h-h-hey, Makayla...” Elijah said, approaching. Ugh. He was probably trying to convince me to do at least a part of the science homework.
“Go AWAY, Elijah. I already told you— you do all the homework, and I will use my speaking charm to get us an A+. I’m not interested in spud lamps!”
“Er, uh, that’s not why I’m here. I was just wondering whether you’d be interested in, uh, working on your next project with me.” He let it all out in one sigh, as if it had been oppressing his chest and he urgently needed to get rid of it..
I was taken aback.
“Uh, Elijah... I’m TOTES gonna work with Vince next time—“
“Did he ask you yet?”
Once more, I was taken aback. These wits of Elijah’s were killing me!
“Er, no. But I’m sure he’ll want to, and very soon,” I fluffed my hair with one hand while with the other I wagged my finger to say “no way, Jose”. Who did he think he was?
He for a minute looked disappointed and his back sagged down. “Oh well, um, see you around then.” He walked off like a wounded puppy and I snorted. “OMG, like, that was a totes no!” I laughed and my friends Susan, Riley, and Kelly followed me in their own chorus.
“I’m sure Vince will TOTES want to work with you, Kayla,” Susan chuckled.
“Yah, like, he would be crazy not to!” Riley laughed. “Like you’re the most popular girl in school!” Kelly finished.
Or at least, I was.
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