A poem by amgm04
The Cheetah
The cheetah, he runs,
As fast as a plane,
as fast as a car,
as fast as a train.
The cheetah, he sprints,
All around town,
The cheetah, he hides,
as not to be found.
The cheetah, he rushes,
to hunt and to eat,
the zebra, he flees,
with look of defeat.
The cheetah, he dashes,
to his home, to his keep,
he closes his eyes,
to rest and to sleep.
The cheetah, he wakens,
he stretches his paws,
he thinks of good prey,
and licks clean his claws.
The cheetah, he bounds,
he leaps in the rain,
a new day has started,
a fresh start begins.

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