The Children in One
Who is Maggie?
This is the story of a sweet young girl named Maggie. She looked like any other little girl, blonde pigtails, big eyes, small stature, nothing was out of the ordinary with her. Except one thing...
Maggie had been born with something...different. It was identical to her in all ways except one, the normal Maggie had a lovely life with her Mother and Father, the other, (often referred to as “Maddie”) was an orphan. Which on its own would not have been so bad. Orphans can be amazing, just look at some superheroes! But Maddie was not like this. She was dangerous. She was often known for leading unsuspecting children into the forest with a beckoning finger, then leaving them lost to die. Maggie’s parents didn’t know what to do, they couldn’t blame poor little Maggie for the horrible things het uncontrollable alter-ego had done, but they couldn’t let reports of missing child incidents keep rolling in.
Then, one day, on a calm May night, Maggie’s father found out about a place that might be able to “fix” Maggie.
Somewhere where their little angel could finally become...
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