Three heroEs. Hundreds of enemies. One war.
The Cosmos
The eerie silence engulfed the planet Ataric, but seemingly did not quiet the seething king as he stormed into his throne room in a deep rage.
“I caun’t beleeve ya let ‘im git away!” the king thundered to the cowering general (On this planet, English was spoken quite differently- in earth terms this would mean “I can’t believe you let him get away!”).
“I’m soo saurry King Aredez! Boot they squeeshed the forces lak ae bug!” the general said in a panicked, apologetic tone (Earth translation: “I’m so sorry King Aredez! But they squished the forces like a bug!”).
“A–” the king started but was cut off by a large, rattling boom, and then a high-pitched scream.
“Whut een thee Gosmoes!?” the king shouted (Earth translation: “What in the Cosmos!?”).
Then the door was burst open to reveal a sinister creature hidden by a dark cloak.
“Syphr” the king whispered.
From the dark depths of his hood a voice rang out, “ Surrennderrr yourrr kiiiingdom tooo meeee. Beee warnnnned alllll willlll falllll toooo myyyy wrathh iffff yooou shallll nooott...” Each of his words were drawn out in a bone-chilling hiss, poison ripping into them, tearing, killing .
“Neveu, not eeven if dime ruens dry shall you ‘ave my kingdom!” the king boomed fearlessly (Earth translation: “Never, not even if time runs dry shall you have my kingdom!”).
“Asss yoouuu wissssshhhh...” Syphr said his words slithering threateningly.
As he said this a ear-splitting crack sounded, and then a BOOM, from which the throne palace trembled, rubble falling down on them.
“Annnnd nooowww,” Syphr announced, “Thhhheeee Waaaarrrr Haaaassss Beeegunnnn...”
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