1. The life of Lani
The Dark Veil
When Anger Strikes
When anger strikes
A veil of darkness
covers our thinking
and that is bad.
Lani held the dagger in her hand. Today she would be married off, and she was prepared. Lani got in her dark dress, put on her dark veil and fashioned the dager to her belt. Angry, outraged, deadly.
“They can’t force me, but they can try.” Lani smiled wickedly
“Stop!” A voice called.
Lani looked for where the voice was coming from. Then she saw it. A beautiful pixie with golden hair, golden dress, and golden wings.
“Do not do this, Don’t kill the groom.” The Golden Pixie commanded.
“Then what do I do?” Lani asked
“Run” And the pixie dissapeared
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