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“COME ON” I yell up the stairs to Janie. “I’m going to be late!!” I pace the hallway, stopping every so often to check my hair in the mirror. “Dear god, anyone’d think you knew this guy personally” A voice chuckled. I turn around and glare at my eighteen year old sister. “Well I’ve got to make a good impression” I huff. “Calm down Cat, you look brilliant” She sooths, smiling at me warmly. I can’t help but smile back. I give her a quick hug and stepped back, smoothing down my black cocktail dress. Motioning for a cab I pray that I’d finally have a good date (It’s Valentine’s Day, after all). I’ve been using this dating website for seven months now and not once have I read the texts that I receive the next morning. This guy is called Craig. He’s twenty three like me and enjoys going to the gym, but it’s just never ‘Worked out’ for him. Ugh. Maybe this isn’t a good idea after all. I shake off the negative thoughts and give Janie a kiss goodbye when she steps out at the subway, she knows all too well that my moods after date night aren’t very pretty, therefore she’s resorted to staying at her boyfriend’s house. Yep, laugh at me, go on, my eighteen year old sister has got a boyfriend before me. Hilarious. “Where to love?” The cabby asks me. “Uhh…Hotbox” I say, consulting my sheet of paper, neatly folding it into my pocket. Suddenly, the door to my left opens and a guy all but falls into the vehicle. “Hotbox please mate” The dude states. “Woah, late for a date?” I joke. “Yes, actually” He laughs and turns to face me. “No, god please, no.” I mutter. He seems to be having the same thought as his face drops. “You?” He stutters.
Great. I’m in a cab with my psychotic ex.
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