One School is Blessed... until That Terrible Day
The Day The Music Died
If you are anything like me, you’ll understand. You’ll understand the pain, the music, the joy, the friendship... If you aren’t, this story isn’t for you. Because you won’t be able to take the day the music died.
It’s not going to be wrapped up in a nice little bow. That’s not how life is. This story is going to be presented to you like my life. Life is messy and beautiful and oozes emotions and decisions and music. Beautiful, sweet, melodious music.
I’ll stop right there. After all, this is only the introduction.
Oh! I almost forgot. Introductions. Well, my name is Sarah- Sarah Jay. I have big brown eyes and freckles dotting my cheeks like sprinkles. My nose, although I hate to admit it, is small and ends in a... well just imagine a mini skiing hill planted on my face. A steep hill, and then suddenly, a great big curve that sends the skier flying into the air. It doesn’t look bad, I mean, I’m not bad looking, it’s just not what I would have wanted my nose to look like. You probably think that I’m making a huge deal over my nose. Trust me- if you were in my class, you would know that a nose defines you. You’ll understand later.
Anyway. My hair isn’t what you would imagine. It is brown, kinda like a brownie colored brown, but it’s not long and wavy and luscious. It’s cut short at the top of my neck and flies up in little wisps. It’s also parted to the side with little side bangs. I don’t need long hair. I am perfectly capable of growing more. I cut off my hair because what I didn’t need, somebody else who had cancer did.
Now hold up. I am not a saint. I may be kind enough to give my hair to someone else, but I am definitely not a saint. I am human, and that means I am perfectly and beautifully flawed.
I have told you my outward appearance, now why not my personality next? I can’t stress this enough- I am a band nerd, and very proud of it. Judging by the title, I bet you can figure out that this is an incredibly important aspect of me. I’ll repeat it so that you can get it through your head- I am a band nerd. I am in love, not with boys, but with music. I am funny and crazy, smart and clever, and strangely optimistic. I mean, it is strange, concerning what I have been through.
I bet you are very curious now about my whole ordeal. Two words. Junior High. One of the most glorious and terrible grades of them all. I have five friends that stand beside me in this grade- Hannah, Brianna, Danielle, Genesis, and Amy. They are the best ever. We have been through thick and thin, mustard and ketchup (school cafeteria food fight, last year), and uncontainable pain and joy.
Hannah is one of the most unselfish person you will ever meet. She has long brown hair streaked with a subtle blonde and bright brown eyes. Brianna is the perky one. She is darker skinned, with dark brown hair like... darker brownies. Let’s say triple fudge brownies. Danielle is a huge book nerd. Bigger than me! She has thin, short blonde hair and an upturned nose too. She is a new addition to the Squad. Genesis has long, wavy, auburn hair with freckles underneath her green eyes that sparkled with mischief. And finally, last but not least (but really small), is Amy. She’s the craziest one of us, short and thin, with long black hair and a crazy addiction to tootsie rolls (The Competition of the Sweet Tooth’s, two years ago).
We all go to school at Western Lakeview Junior High School. It’s a small school, but that’s okay. It means we are tight knit. No one we haven’t seen before runs those halls, and that’s exactly how we like it. But just because we know everybody doesn’t mean we don’t have them. The Popular ones. That clique that struts around shouting out news about a party that we’re not invited to. When I say we, I mean my group. The good ones. We are all smart and kind, not cold and evil, like they are. If you were a stranger to our school and you walked in, you would clearly be able to see the different cliques, and trust me, you could feel the tension between us. Occasionally, we talk, but that’s only when we absolutely have to, and even then we stick to our own group of friends.
So that’s me, my friends, the introduction, and finally, my family. I have the best around. Sorry if I offended you, but seriously. The best. My mother is tall like me and has brown hair (the same type of brownies) and green eyes. She’s a Veterinarian, and everyday she comes home from work bathed in that wonderful Vet smell. My father has black hair and has brown eyes surrounded by laugh lines. He’s a teacher at my school, everybody loves him. I love him too. I have two brothers- Aden and Kody. They both have caramel colored hair swooshed to the side. Being their sister, I can’t tell if they are good looking or not, but I will say that they are not ugly.
My family is supportive and kind and awesome. My friends are crazy and encouraging and loyal. But like I said- Junior High. No one could help me get through what happened that year. That terrible, wonderful, eye-opening year. That terrible pain-filled day. The day the music died.
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