The Disastrous 25 Minutes Of Adulthood
Summer camp for parents is the best thing that was ever invented. I mean, can you believe that every parent in my neighborhood went to camp this year? We have the whole place to ourselves! The only question is, what shall we do first.
I know, you find this surprising, but we need help? Who would have thought a bunch of notorious boys would have no idea how to have fun when given the opportunity? If you did, then you know more about us than we do ourselves.
We had a big discussion... Okay it was more of a quarrel over what we wanted to do, but we finally came to an agreement. We decided to have a camp of our own. I know, I kn0w, of all the crazy things we could have came up with we chose this? Well we thought it would be fun for us to be the grownups for a change since they weren’t here. I guess someone should have warned us what we were getting ourselves into. I mean it wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t great also.
The first thing we needed was a treehouse. Yes you heard me a treehouse. Luckily for us .... Oh my, I’m SORRY. I have been so worked up over telling you of our fun but disastrous summer that I forgot to introduce myself. Well I’m Ken . Bad timing huh? I guess I need to work on my introductions.
So where was I? Okay, my friends and I moved into my treehouse. Could you believe that we quarrelled over where to sleep? I mean I thought my boys and I were friends, but no, we became enemies on the first night! And that was just the start of it.
We had no food, no clothes, no money, Nothing! Our parents had all locked us out of our homes because they didn’t trust us. I mean what harm can we Cute, Adrorable, Loving, Oh and did I say Cute possibly do to a house?
Don’t parents know we would never do anything just to make them angry. Okay, Okay I’ll stop lying. We love to see our parents a little bit mad because we need attention. Besides we were brought into this world as a gift to parents. WRONG We are here to have fun.
Sorry to cut this short, but I guess I have to see what’s happening in the treehouse. You can never leave kids alone for five minutes without any consequences. I know this because I have been a parent for twenty five minutes.
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