sweet dreams
The Dream Catcher
Strange or Not
Before we jump into the book I just wanted to put a warning that this is a horror book, so it might contain a little bit of violence, gore and fighting, I decided to put a warning because I don’t want to give anyone nightmares, make them uncomfortable, or anything else, so if you don’t feel comfortable with any of this stuff then please stop reading, you have been warned.
For all of the others still reading please enjoy!
Irene stared at the toys she was given as presents, she loved them, but they did take up some space and her twin brother Scott would complain, but she felt safe with them.
“Why does Scott complain so much? He always talks about his tablet, so I should be allowed to have stuffed animals!” Irene said.
She looked at the stuffed bear she was given.
“I’m talking to a stuffed animal. You see? I’ve lost my mind! I need to grow up,” Irene said.
“You still talking to that thing? If there’s one thing you’re correct about it’s that you need to grow up,” Scott said.
“Just shut up and leave my room!” Irene said.
“But yours is bigger,” Scott complained.
“No it isn’t, your room just looks smaller because of your electronics, ever think of liking old fashioned things like fairy tales?” Irene said.
“Now listen you keep your stuffed animals and childish things, and I keep my stuff, okay?” Scott said.
“Fine,” Irene said.
Irene pushed Scott out of her room and then slammed the door.
“The things I do to escape him, I swear escaping a nightmare creature would be easier,” Irene said.
She looked more around her room, she decorated her room, when it was time for her to sleep she got ready, and hopped into bed, her eyes closed but was then woken up by her brother.
“Irene!” Scott screamed.
“What is it?” Irene asked sleepily.
“Why did I find your stuffed bear almost in my room?” Scott asked.
“What are you talking about? That plush was in my room when I was awake, I think you’re lying and put my bear there, I’ll take that,” Irene said.
“But it was!” Scott said.
Irene went back to sleep.
“And people say that twins get along,” Irene said.
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