The Witch’s Familiar
Last Day of School
Sophia Ecclestein hadn’t always been pleased about being a witch. Despite her best intentions it was well known in her school, and in the town for that matter, that something wasn’t quite right with the Ecclesteins. Ironically, they didn’t realise how close to the truth they were.
When she was six the other kids would make fun of her slightly pointy chin. The boys would make cackling noises as she would walk past. And whenever the class was on cleaning duty she would always be left with the broom. She became very fond of the broom however- even to the point of naming it Angelica and talking to it as she swept.
It was late afternoon on the second to last day of school when Sophia sat alone on the corridor steps putting the final touches to her letter. She sprinkled in a handful of glitter hearts as she slid the letter into its red envelope, smoothing her hands over the seal that read “To Marcus”. The recipient of her letter was the most obnoxious, troubled and arrogant student at Hallowston High. So naturally half the girls in the school were in love with him.
When it looked like she was safe from any witnesses she strolled along to the locker of her beloved. She held the letter to her chest one last time before slipping it through the gap. She hadn’t signed the letter. If it was fate he would know who it was from.
“Hey. Isn’t that Eccleswitch at your locker”.
Sophia froze, her arm still in midair.
“Ew yeah it is”
“What is she doing”
“OMG I think she’s putting a hex on your locker”.
No, no, no, no, no, this was not happening! The voices belonged to his group of friends from Class B and without looking back Sophia knew exactly who they were. Harry, the lanky jock; Harry’s thick as socks girlfriend Becky, and Amanda the most annoyingly beautiful girl that ever walked these corridors. And who could forget Big Gob Bob. Marcus had been the only one who hadn’t spoke.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about” Sophia said spinning around, but before she could say another word Amanda and Becky weaved their arms into hers and locked her into place.
“What have you done to my locker witch” Marcus said.
“Nothing I swear. I mean I saw someone else walk by but I haven’t done anything”. She swallowed hard as Marcus swung open his locker.
“What the...” he said taking out the letter and practically ripping it in half as he tore it open. A slow grin spread over his face.
“Oooo what is it Marcus” Amanda said.
“Marcus please” Sophia pleaded.
But she could only watch on in horror as he recited the words out loud. How she loved him, always thought about him, and wished they could be together. The bell rang and streams of students poured out into the hallways, with more than afew stopping to see what the commotion about. The cruel words and laughter went over her. All but Marcus’s concluding comment.
“As if who would want to kiss that ugly frogbreath” he said.
Amanda and Becky’s grips loosened as they exploded with giggles and Sophia managed to break free and run away with the sound of laughter still ringing in her ears.
She cried all that night, only managing to say odd words between sobs to her worried mother. Her parents comforted her, telling Sophia how things had a way of coming back to people.
And they were right.
For the very next day the students of Class 2b and all those who were found loitering around in the hallway after 3, woke up with a severe case of facial warts.
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