They were like Three peas in a pod
The Edmunds Triplets
Letting Them Go
Nathaniel Edmunds had just been handed one of his three newborn daughters. Triplets. His wife, Gwen was resting on the hospital bed, holding the other two.
There were two doctors and a few nurses checking on the babies’ vitals and heartbeats. So far, everything had gone perfectly. By this time tomorrow, the babies would be able to be taken home.
Everything was ready for the arrival of the triplets. Months before, Gwen and Nathaniel had gone shopping. They had gotten matching purple cribs, a triplet stroller, cute baby clothes, Disney stuffed animals and everything else they could imagine needing for three small babies.
Life was going to get complicated, and the couple knew that. Three babies at once was going to be hard, but it was three times the amount of love. They were blessed with these three.
In just a few quick years, the triplets had grown. Their lives had gone by too fast. First, they were just going off to their first day of kindergarten, now, they were just coming back from their last day of high school. Whether Nathaniel and Gwen liked it or not, their baby girls had grown up.
The triplets had always stayed together, no matter what. They had a strong bond that couldn’t be easily broken. They were all talented writers and readers, and were always helping others. The Edmunds triplets were known for how well they worked together and how they always worked towards solving problems.
Middle school and High school had been easy for them. Since they always had their noses in books, they learned everything that they possibly could. But the triplets were moving on to something more than just Middle and High school. Now was the big leap. College.
The Edmunds triplets had always been together. They had ever been barely a day from each other, and going away to college would definitely be a new challenge for them.
But, like all college stories, the triplets would be just fine.
Nathaniel and Gwen had just gotten the last of the bags squished into the back of the car. Today was finally the day that the triplets were going off to college. The ride was only three hours, and in that time, Gwen and Nathaniel would lose their only children.
Gwen pulled the back car door down while Nathaniel went back into the house for some last car-ride snacks. Gwen looked around at the yard. She could remember the first time she taught the girls how to ride bikes. After the first 30 minutes they had already had dozens of bruises, hundreds of small cuts and scraps, but they still had big smiles on their faces.
The girls were always tough. They just wanted to live life to the fullest. And they did just that.
Nathaniel walked out of the front door holding a big sack of travel mix, candy, popcorn and every other kind of snack you could imagine. And just a few moments later, out came the triplets.
Gwen gave a smile and tried to not cry. The three were joking around and caring out a backpack each of their own. The girls smiled and piled into the car. Nathaniel and Gwen got into the front seats and Nathaniel pulled the car out of the driveway. The next three hours, the two finally realized just how empty their house was going to be.
“I will always love you.” Nathaniel whispered to each one of the triplets.
“We love you too.” The girls replied with a sad smiles and gave one last hug to their father.
“I’m going to miss you three.” Gwen sighed and gave each a hug also. After the last goodbyes, the parents got into their car, and waved goodbye to their children.
“Do you think they’ll be fine?” Gwen asked her husband uncertainly. Nathaniel put his hand on hers.
“Of course. Don’t worry. They have each other.” He answered. Gwen gave a small smile and watched the college campus drift off along with her only kids.
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