Book one in the kinesis duo
The Elite Prodigies
Chapter 1 (Dusk’s P.O.V.)
I awake every morning to the sound of the recorded garble of a chicken. Our Instructor comes into our dormitory and uses his Photokinesis to flash a bright light in our faces until we all wake up and start our plenty rehearsed morning routine. I keep to myself. We all take our turns in the bathroom and change into our day clothes. We usually have yellow jumpsuits so the others know we’re Photos, but today, we’re going on a field mission. We all get to go into the city and see how our powers will help us in the real world. I, for one, am excited, but not for the way they want me to be. I am excited because I can scout the city for somewhere to run to. I can not stay here for much longer. I am constantly monitored and because of my harsh Instructor, we can not so much as glance at the other programs. I am going to escape. I have to escape.
We are on the hovercrafts flying towards the city. I am forced to hold onto an annoying boy named Conor because we are one hover short, and of course, I have to share. He leans back and says, “So, do you want to go out into the city together? We can team up and beat everyone else.” He winks at me and I roll my eyes. “I’ve told you a thousand times,” I yell over the passing wind and hum of the hovercraft. “I’m not interested in you. And, this isn’t a competition.” He smiles. “I love a challenge.” I rolled my eyes and he turned back to the controls, a smirk still on his face. Instructor’s voice came over our headsets. “We are reaching the city. Start decreasing altitude and land somewhere inconspicuous. Remember, this is just a field mission. Do not reveal your powers to others, unless necessary. If, by any miracle, you manage to catch someone,” I can practically hear him rolling his eyes. “Just send me a message from your phone and a crew will come and retain him. Any questions?” I hear a girl named Ayana speak up. “Can we team up?” His answer is no. Instructor dismisses us and we all start to lower our altitude. Conor asks me where we should land. “I was thinking that field over there,” He says motioning to an broad field close to the edge of the city. I agree and he lands us with no problems. I step off the hover and he presses a few buttons and makes the craft invisible. “So,” he says, his sly smile returning, “Can I interest you in a date?” He asks. “One with real food?” I feel something like butterflies come up in my stomach, but not for him. We never actually get food at The Academy, just unflavored bricks of mush. “You can take me to a restaurant, but not on a date. I just want real food.” He smiled. “You finally caved,” He held out his elbow, willing me to take it. I just shook my head. “You’re paying,” I said. “Of course!” he said. I took his arm as we started our short walk to the city.

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Chapter 2 (Caden’s P.O.V.)

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