Book one in the kinesis duo
The Elite Prodigies
Chapter 4 (Caden’s P.O.V.)
I awoke to the pristine white tile of the bathroom floor smooshed up against my nose. I sat up and rubbed my already swelling nose. I was grateful that there was no blood, it would have gotten all over my yellow suit. I would be questioned beyond belief. And then I was almost knocked over with the realization. I was an Elite. I was going to have the best care, and the best food, and the best training that was offered here. I almost passed out again. I stood and examined my face in the mirror. Other than a red nose, I had nothing else wrong with my face. I then realized that I still had to pee. I sat did just that, only taking a minute to zip my suit back up and I raced out of the dorms.
My teacher was sitting in the teacher’s common room, reading a book. I barged in, not worrying about protocol. Every head turned in my direction, and a couple guards unlocked their tasers, holding them out. I put my hands in front of my face, pretending that that motion would block a fierce shocking. My instructor told them to be at ease and rushed up to me. “Why are you in here?” She asked, examining me for any injuries. “I’m fine.” I breathed, still not fully believing my situation. “I’m an Elite.” Her face turned white, and she embraced me. I wasn’t expecting that, to say the least, but I hugged her back. Before she pulled away, she whispered something in my ear. “Please, stay safe. I’m so proud of you.” She pulled back and motioned to the guards. “He’s an Elite.” She whispered. That was enough for them. They tucked their tasers away and rushed over, one grabbed my arm, and the other pulled out an gun. A GUN. I was feeling pretty special right around then. “You were always my favorite.” She said to me before they hauled me away. “So, where are we going?” I asked, once we were out in the hall. “Down,” One said, and the other one pressed a panel in the wall. The wall slid back and a staircase appeared. INSIDE THE FREAKING WALL. They guided me down and we made the long descent downstairs.
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