The Queen Of Embarrassed Herself!
The Embarrassing Diaries
Me=The Queen Of Embarrassment. Don’t Think That’s A Good Thing!
I am mortified right now.
No, that is not an exaggeration.
Should I repeat again with expression?
Yes I should.
I am mortified right now!!!
Three exclamation marks...check.
If you didn’t know, or were too lazy to check, my name is Alex.
Short for Alexandra, but I hate that name.
Nobody calls me Alexandra...except for my mum. But let’s ignore that.
Anyway! To the point!
You’ve probably had your fair share of embarrassing moments, haven’t you?
(That was a rhetorical question, by the way. You know, the kind of question that teachers like but are pointless?)
Well, I’ve had way too many.
And I’m not joking.
Every day I wake up, knowing that at least 2 embarrassing moments will happen.
My mother has to deal with this too, and I bet she wishes I was less clumsy/was able to time travel/wasn’t her daughter.
But at least she doesn’t get involved in my embarrassing moments.
Most of the time.
Wait, I still haven’t explained why I’m *deep breath* MORTIFIED.
And why (I didn’t mention this before) I have bicycle parts in my knickers.
Onto the story...

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Chapter 2

Bicycle + Flowy shorts - Common Sense + Mean Girl = Embarrassment!

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