I made this book for nanowrimo - hope you like it!
The Eternity Allies
The Beginning - All
The snow fell on the gray hoodie of a girl who was about the age of thirteen. Her dark purple hair whipped at her face in the cold breeze.
She walked down the hill she was atop into the wreckage of what looked like used to be a city. A lot of it was half-buried by snow. The debris looked to stretch on for miles.
The girl sat down on her knees and rummaged through a little bit of the wreckage. She pulled out a locket that was cracked and didn’t close right. But the girl still put it in the pocket of her hoodie.
All of the sudden a figure in a black hood stood on the hill that she had been on. “Are you ready?” He asked.
The girl looked up at him and nodded. “Yes.”
Alarms are the worst.
That was the first thought Agatha had as she woke up at 5:30 a.m. She reached for the snooze button on her alarm, but stopped herself as she remembered what was happening today.
Today she was going to audition for her school’s choir.
This would seem like a normal thing to a lot of people. But for Agatha, this was a pretty special thing.
See, her voice was... weird. Whenever she sang, people around her would get this blank look on their faces like... like when someone starts talking, and they say something that makes you remember something, and you just sort of stare off blankly thinking. Then, when they finally came back to life, they wouldn’t remember anything about what she was doing with them.
It’s hard to explain. But they would stop talking, and their eyes would bug out. Or something like that.
Once Agatha remembered this, she leaped out of bed, got dressed, brushed her teeth, combed her hair, and bolted downstairs. About ten minutes later, she was running to school.
Once she was in the music room, she dropped down her backpack and stood in the back of the line for auditions.
Shadow put on her skull headphones and plugged them into her iPhone. She scrolled through her Spotify list and chose “Demons” by Imagine Dragons.
She looked left to right, then paused the song. She searched up “gorgeous by taylor swift”. She pressed “play” and smiled slightly as she listened to it.
All of the sudden her demon father, Trigon, burst in. He was in his smaller, more human-sized form. Shadow jumped and quickly tried to stop the song. She pressed the home button and pressed her “ScreamingSouls” app.
“Hi, dad,” Shadow said quickly, trying to sound as bored as she could.
Trigon raised his eyebrow at her, then said, “I have to go on an errand. One of my chief minions told me that someone’s rebelling, or something like that. You good? Gonna follow the rules?” He winked at her.
“Mhm,” Shadow answered. She rolled her eyes. Her dad never really wanted her to follow the rules - he just wanted to see if she would break them. It was like some kind of really weird game they played.
“Okay. See you later.” He said, opening up a portal. A high-pitched scream flew out of it.
“Later.” She said. She watched him leave.
Shadow smirked and rolled her eyes and continued nodding to the upbeat rhythm of Gorgeous.
Septimus watched the wizard next to him.
“Like this,” the wizard said. He flicked his wand and called out, “FLOTALIA!”
“You try.” He then said, motioning towards Septimus.
Septimus nodded. “FLOTALIA!” He exclaimed, flicking his wand exactly like the other wizard had done.
“Excellent!” The other wizard boomed. Septimus nodded happily.
The wizard looked up at the sky and exclaimed, “Great Scott! It’s almost sunset. We’ve got to get you home, son!”
“It’s no problem, Festus, they probably haven’t even noticed I’m gone,” Septimus said, but Festus merely shook his head. Septimus had six older brothers, so things were often so hectic Septimus’ parents misplaced a child or two sometimes.
“Get on the broom, let’s get you home.” Festus said. Septimus nodded and sat on the broom. He felt the familiar pang of fear as the broom rose up.
Septimus was the seventh son of the seventh son, so he was the most magical one in his family. Because of this, he was being trained by Festus, the village’s wizard.
But Septimus had another wish, something that was absolutely unheard of by wizards, especially seventh sons of seventh sons.
He dreamed of living in the future.
Skye breathed deeply. The queen’s room was just right there.
All she had to do was go in, grab it, then head towards the Potion Room.
She would use the crystals. The crystals of the first comet launch.
That’s where everyone was. The 120th Annual Comet Launch.
All Skye had to do was grab her ring, flee the dimension, and then her troubles would be over... right?
After all, she didn’t even know where the portal would lead to.
Probably a demon dimension, where she would get devoured after less than an hour. Two hours, if she was lucky and they decided to give her to the king.
Or maybe it would be someplace simple....
Like The Milky Way.
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