Nothing comes without a price
The Fae Key
Stories and Legends
“And they say that it still lies deep in the woods to this day,” Benny finished his story. “They say that any one who touches it will find the Lost Ones and return them to their homeland, but for a price.”
“Does anyone know that the price is?” Jen asked eagerly.
“Why would they?” I countered. “It’s just a story anyway.” Jen always got into stories and ended up mixing them into her regular life. Since she’s a nixie, this is a problem, because if she believes in it too much, she can make it come true. The last time this happened, Jen almost died from becoming Snow White in the “Snow White” story. Not something I want to repeat.
“All stories have a bit of truth in them, Angel,” Lynch shot back. “Especially legends like this one. As far as we know, the key might actually be deep in the woods.”
“Sure,” I rolled my eyes. “And I’m a unicorn.”
“Could you guys stop using that expression?” Haerold asked in his soft, quiet voice. “It makes me uncomfortable.”
“Sorry, Haerold.” I had almost forgotten he was there because he was so quiet. He had asked us to stop saying that, as he was a unicorn, and since no one else in our group was, we would often say that, as it is a popular saying among non-unicorns. He said that he felt left out and different when people said that. Some times I felt left out too. Being human in Alegria was pretty boring and often times lonely, but I still had my friends. I just couldn’t do magic like Jen, a nixie, fly and write stories like Benny, a half dragon, half Scribe, fight and heal like Lynch, an elf, or shape-shift like Haerold, a unicorn. I couldn’t say that I’m not a bit jealous, but at least I don’t have overly strong powers that I can’t control. I’m the opposite. In fact, I’m the only person in all of Alegria without powers. The only human in this entire world.
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